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Warwick Launches Pilot Scheme to Attract Young US Scholars to UK

Originally published 22 June 2004

One of the ways the University of Warwick will mark its forthcoming 40th Anniversary is the creation of an innovative “Outstanding Young Researchers Fellowships” scheme designed for young US scholars. The scheme echoes the US/UK exchange schemes Warwick created when it first opened as a University in 1965.

The new scheme will cover the costs of return travel from the US, accommodation, and a minimum £1000 a month stipend. In the first instance scholarships will be offered in the University’s departments of Chemistry, Economics and History.

The scholarships are for young US researchers of postdoctoral status, or in their final doctoral year, willing to undertake a period of research or writing at the University of Warwick. The young scholars will be mentored by a Warwick researcher and they will be expected to play a full part in the life of the academic department in which they are based.

University of Warwick Vice-Chancellor Professor David VandeLinde said:

“There are very few sources of funding for young US researchers to study or work in the UK, we hope this innovative scheme will give future US academic stars a taste of the UK, and Warwick in particular, at a crucial point in their careers which they will value and build on – who knows what long term academic relationships could grow from such a scheme?”

More information about the "Outstanding Young Researchers Fellowships" scheme can be found at