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University helps Company create Big Brother for Birds with Wireless Camera Bird Box

Some people like to watch humans 24/7 on Channel Four's Big Brother - but there are many who would prefer to watch the more gentle behaviour of garden birds - now a Coventry company "Enjoy Birds More Limited" has developed the technology to do just that.

Working with the University of Warwick's Warwick Manufacturing Group, the company, based on the University of Warwick's Science Park, have developed a clever wireless camera equipped bird box that allows people to easily observe nesting birds around the clock. The company has already sold 50 of these novel bird boxes to clients as far apart as Norway and the US.

The novel features of the bird box that enable owners to have such an easy big brother for birds experience include:

  • A camera that allows full colour pictures all day with infra red enabled black and white at night

  • A wireless connection which makes fitting the box easy and removing the need for cables across the lawn, into or around the house

  • Images are beamed direct to the owner's TV or computer which can take snapshots or save video clips. Owners can even share their images with others using the company's web site

  • Battery saving electronics and clever video processing means the camera batteries can last for months

  • The camera and transmitter are contained in a quick release pod in the box which allows them to be easily and quickly moved should the birds choose to nest in another box in the garden

For further information please contact:

Peter Bubb, Managing Director,
Enjoy Birds More Ltd, Tel: 07833 667788

Brian Bryden, Warwick Manufacturing Group
University of Warwick, Tel: 02476 572623

Peter Dunn, Press and Media Relations Manager
University of Warwick Tel:02476 523708 or 07767 655860

PR52 PJD 26th July 2005