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WBS Research Says Sales Management Differences Disappearing

The first study to compare sales management practices in a range of developed and less developed countries on several continents finds compelling evidence that differences in management processes across countries are diminishing, or even disappearing. Most surprising is that no major differences between developed and less developed countries regarding sales management practices and their results were detected.

Understanding these trends and patterns may be vital to the competitive success of companies with an international presence. As traditional regional or local management control becomes less effective in today's business environment, globally-focused sales teams may be crucial sources of competitive strength on the aggressive international playing field, says the study.

The Warwick Business School study was designed to examine whether the theory expressed by well-known foreign affairs commentator Thomas Friedman, in his book The World Is Flat, that globalization is "flattening" away the dissimilarities between countries and regions, holds true.

"The key findings of the study generally support Friedman's thesis," says Professor Nigel Piercy from Warwick Business School. "There were some variations between individual countries, mainly reflecting very large differences in culture, political stability, and economic wealth, but we were surprised to find no major differences between developed and less developed countries."

The implication, according to the study, is that global account management rather than country-based or region-based account management is becoming increasingly crucial to the success of many companies.

Sales managers can use the study's findings to benefit their companies through seeking to understand the changes in global markets, taking advantage of emerging opportunities, effectively disseminating information throughout their organizations, and forming strong outsource networks.

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