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Over 90% of Chinese graduates from UK universities secure high level jobs

  • Over 90% of Chinese graduates from UK universities find professional or management-level jobs
  • University of Warwick leads research using data of Chinese graduate outcomes from thirty UK universities
  • Top industries for Chinese graduates of UK higher education are: Financial & Insurance; Professional, Scientific & Technical; Education; Information and Communication
  • 90% of UK-educated Chinese students found jobs in China after graduation

More than 90% of Chinese students at universities in the UK enter professional, technical or managerial employment after graduating, according to new collaborative research led by the University of Warwick.

The first study of its type and breadth in UK higher education, it analysed the outcomes of over 15,000 Chinese students who graduated from around 30 UK universities between 2014 and 2017.

Graduation at the University of Warwick

The results show a consistent upward trend, with more and more UK-educated Chinese graduates securing high quality, senior level jobs after completing their UK university courses.

Furthermore, the data is balanced between genders, demonstrating the equal opportunities offered by a UK university education.

From a sample group of 6635 Chinese students who graduated in 2017 (gathered from 30 UK universities), the anonymised data shows that 94% of male graduates, and 92% female graduates, were in professional, technical or managerial employment.

90% of these graduates found jobs in China after graduating from a UK university, and 8% secured employment in the UK.

The top four industries for Chinese graduates of UK universities in 2016/2017 were:

Financial and Insurance activities (10% of male graduates and 16% of female graduates); Professional, Scientific and Technical activities (6% of male graduates and 11% of female graduates); Education (4% of male graduates and 10% of female graduates); and Information and Communication (4% of male graduates and 5% of female graduates).

The research also shows that 84% of female Chinese undergraduate students at UK universities in 2016/2017 — and 84% of male undergraduate students —go on to carry out further study.

As with all the data from this study, a gender balance is evident here, alongside an upward trend showing increasing numbers of undergraduate students going on to further study each year.

71% of male Chinese students on Postgraduate Taught courses in the UK during 2016/2017 went on to find employment, as well as 67% of female students on the same courses.

Graduation at the University of Warwick

Professor Simon Swain, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement) of the University of Warwick, commented:

“The results of this unprecedented study are fantastic news for UK higher education, sending a message to China and to the world that this country is a destination where one can receive a high quality education and go on to secure top-level employment internationally.

“I am delighted that the career prospects of Chinese students at UK universities such as Warwick are getting consistently better with each year, and that this is the case for both male and female graduates.

“I’m also proud that the University of Warwick has led this research. We are a truly diverse, international community with links across the globe, and we work hard to support all of our students in their future careers – wherever they come from, and wherever they are headed to after graduation.”

The research was led by the University of Warwick, in collaboration with: Aston University, Bath Spa University, University of Birmingham, University of Bristol, Cardiff University, City London, De Montford University, University of Dundee, University of Durham, University of Edinburgh, University of Exeter, Goldsmiths, University of Hertfordshire, University of Huddersfield, Kings College London, University of Liverpool, Loughborough University, University of Manchester, University of Newcastle, University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University, Queen Mary University, Royal Holloway University, University of Stirling, University of Sussex, University College Birmingham, and University of Worcester.

20 June 2019

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