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Ping Pong Merrily on High - Christmas lectures return to Warwick

Christmas LecturesExploding ping pong balls and a generous helping of fireworks are among the spectacles promised at this year’s Christmas Lectures at the University of Warwick.

The annual science extravaganza will this year cover the topics of ‘energy’ and ‘colour’ and will feature live experiments and explosions performed by a cast of experts from across the university.

Ally Caldecote, who organises the lectures, said: “This year's Christmas lectures are going to be bigger than ever. There will be two interactive, hands-on engaging events with plenty of audience participation. They are suitable for anyone who is interested in finding out why things happen – from age eight to 108.

“It's so important to share the knowledge and enthusiasm that we have within the Science Faculty at Warwick. I am privileged to be surrounded by some of the world's finest minds. I want to share with the public some of the awesome work that gets done here – because it is mind bogglingly brilliant, and because it is a lot of fun.”

The first of this year’s events, entitled Pop, Fizz, Bang, takes place at 7pm on Monday 27 November where the presenters will investigate energy.

Ally Caldecote said: “Energy is a true superpower – it can’t be created or destroyed, only transferred. We’ll be attempting to show this by experimenting with what happens when you detonate 1000 ping pong balls using liquid nitrogen.”

The second event, Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, explores colour and takes place at 7pm on Monday 4 December.

Ally Caldecote said: “We’ll be looking at what make things appear certain colours and what makes this change over time, and we’ll be letting off a few fireworks while we investigate.”

The University of Warwick Christmas lectures are on at Warwick Arts Centre. Tickets cost £3.50. Schools, youth groups, Scouting and Guiding groups are free.

For more information visit or call the Box Office on 02476 524524.

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