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University of Warwick Computer Science department partners with supercomputing firm Bull Information Systems

The University of Warwick Computer Science Department has entered into a partnership with high-performance computing firm Bull, which will sponsor two PhD students as well as support a Master of Engineering course in Computer Science.

The partnership brings together supercomputing expertise within both the Department of Computer Science at Warwick and Bull, and will see the two partners collaborate on a range of high-performance computing research and education initiatives.

Initially Bull will sponsor two PhD places within the department, each over a three-year period.

Bull will also provide support and sponsorship for a one-year Master of Engineering degree course in Computer Science. This will involve Bull running a regular technology-based project for students and a seminar series on emerging technologies in high-performance computing (HPC).

University of Warwick Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Nigel Thrift said: “High-performance computing is one of the vital infrastructure components of an advanced economy.

“Through this kind of forward-thinking partnership, the University of Warwick is consolidating is position as a hub of expertise in the area.”

University of Warwick Professor of Computer Science Stephen Jarvis said: “High-performance computing has the potential to speed up decision-making processes, driving time to insight and supporting innovation and faster time to market for new products and solutions.

“Bull is a leading high-performance computing vendor and Warwick is engaged in internationally leading academic research in the field, so the partnership is an obvious match.”

Professor Jarvis added: “This kind of collaboration between universities and commercial organisations will be key, not just in delivering business development, but also in providing a strong platform for HPC as a driver of future UK economic growth.”

Bull UK & Ireland CEO Andrew Carr said: “This agreement highlights Bull’s commitment to exploring new ways of working, partnering and investing to grow HPC opportunities and to continue the development of Bull itself as a high-performance organisation.

“We see it as an opportunity to develop a strong partnership with a Russell Group University and its academic network and leverage this for business development,” he added.

“Critically, also, it will allow us to start to have input into next generation HPC thinking and strategy.

“At the same time, the partnership will enable us to shape our own future as a high-performance organisation by tapping into much-needed HPC benchmarking capability and resources and identifying and potentially recruiting our future HPC professionals.”


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