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University of Warwick trial treadmill desk on mission to become most active campus in the UK

Treadmill deskThe University of Warwick has an ambition to be the most active campus in the UK with the goal of helping staff, students and local community to be physically active and healthy on a daily basis. As part of this drive and our aim of encouraging everyone to be active everyday, the University is trialling a treadmill desk

The new treadmill desk allows staff to walk and work at the same time with the aim of helping staff to be active and healthy.

The treadmill desk is comprised of a moving walkway attached to a large table top. The height of the desk can be adjusted allowing staff to use it comfortably and it reaches a maximum speed of four miles per hour.

As a part of the University’s activities focused around developing new and innovative approaches to facilitating a healthier lifestyle, Warwick decided to trial a walking workstation within its Head Office building. Over the coming months the treadmill desk will be stationed in various locations around campus to enable both staff and students to trial it.

The benefits of a system like this are to support those with back problems, for whom a seated workstation is not appropriate; there are also clear benefits realised through walking whilst you work. Research by Dr Peter T Katzmarzyk published in the BMJ found that reducing sedentary behaviours such as sitting and television viewing may have the potential to increase life expectancy.

The treadmill desk is part of a wider drive across the University to increase participation and activity, other initiatives include Warwick’s One Big Thing, This Warwick Girl Can, more visibility and communication around running, walking and cycling routes and the arrival of bikes for hire on campus. There are already a wide range of facilities and classes offered by Warwick Sport to the community to increase participation and the university is looking to do more.

Lisa Dodd-Mayne, Director of sport and active communities, said,

“We’re encouraging people to be as active as they can be, ideally on a daily basis. People are time poor, and this is a way of us taking the activity to them. Research suggests that ten minutes of exercise, three times-a-day, can be just as beneficial as exercising for 30 continuous minutes. Not everyone enjoys the same form of exercise, but the treadmill desk is also helping to get people talking about being active. We can use the treadmill as a part of work place challenges. It’s all part of being an active campus.”

Health and safety guidelines, like wearing flat shoes, are being followed and staff inductions are given to ensure safe use of the equipment.

The treadmill has been provided by Lifespan, who were established in the United States, specialise in ways of introducing exercise solutions in any setting.


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