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The Unsung Guru

The Unsung Guru
The Unsung Guru
For more than 20 years, Professor Kumar Bhattacharyya has been the most influential but least well-known manufacturing industry expert in Britain. He has advised two Prime Ministers - Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair - and a succession of senior government officials on matters ranging from the privatisation of British Steel to the future of the car industry.

Professor Bhattacharyya is also a unique academic entrepreneur: today, Warwick Manufacturing Group which he he founded in 1979 is a unit inside the University of Warwick that educates more than 5,000
post-graduates and managers a year through its worldwide network of operations, and has won international renown with its philosophy of breaking down the barriers between academia and industry.

About the authour: Andrew Lorenz is a director of Financial Dynamics, the Business Communications group. For 11 years he was Business Editor of The Sunday Times, where he specialised in covering manufacturing industry. He was named Business Journalist of the Year in 2000. He is the author of three
previous books: A Fighting Chance: British Manufacturing Industry in the 1980s; BZW: The First 10 Years; and End of the Road: BMW and Rover, with Chris Brady. Before joining The Sunday Times, he was Deputy City Editor of the Sunday Telegraph, business correspondent of The Scotsman and industrial correspondent of The Journal, Newcastle. He has contributed to many publications, including anagement Today, Acquisitions Monthly and Autocar, and several television and radio programmes.

Author: Andrew Lorenz

ISBN: 071267244 3