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Introduction to Automotive Composites

Introduction to Automotive

Introduction to Automotive Composites is intended to give readers an appreciation of composites, materials properties, manufacturing technologies and the wider implications of using composites in the automotive sector. It will be useful for those already working with composites in automotive applications and for those who are considering using them in the future.

During 1998-1999 the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) devised a sequence of 'composite awareness' courses written and run by researchers from WMG and engineers from the Rover group.The course was supported by a 'sourcebook' covering the lectures in depth and providing useful references.

Introduction to Automotive Composites, edited by Nick Tucker and Kevin Lindsey, is an updated and expanded version of the original course 'sourcebook', written and compiled by a group of engineers, scientists and technologists working for the WMG of the University of Warwick, and various car manufacturers.

This book is aimed at people who need to be innovative in the use of materials in car manufacture, providing them with an appreciation of composites, materials properties, manufacturing technologies, and the wider implications of composites use.

The choice of materials in any industry is never merely a technical matter; cost of materials, manufacture and end-of-life disposal must also be considered. Introduction to Automotive Composites should enable the reader to appreciate some of the benefits and difficulties of working with composites in the mass market.

Chapter Titles

1 What are Composites?

2 Polymer Chemistry and Physics

3 Composite Ingredients

4 General Properties of Composites

5 How can we use Composites in Car Manufacture?

6 Manufacturing with Thermoset Composites

7 Manufacturing with Thermoplastic Composites

8 Economics of Composites Manufacture

9 What to do with Composites at the end of Vehicle Life

10 The Future of Composites

11 Design Guidelines for Composites

Author: Edited by N Tucker WMG and K Lindsey
Publisher: Rapra Technology Limited
ISBN: 1-85957-279-0