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Phoenix New Writing


Phoenix New Writing is an anthology of poetry and prose bringing together the diverse voices of Coventry, with the City itself as the central theme.

Editor and poet David Morley worked with over 3,000 people in a series of writing workshops throughout Coventry as part of the Phoenix Initiative regeneration scheme. The anthology is the culmination of these workshops, juxtaposed with contributions from professional writers.

The contributors are as varied as the literary styles throughout this book. Writing from those as young as 7, and those who remember Coventry in World War II, from professional poets and previously unpublished voices, from those who have lived and grown in Coventry, to those from all corners of the globe. The wide-ranging, multicultural nature of this anthology reflects the diversity of the city of Coventry itself.

David Morley, who is also the director of the Warwick Writing Program, says that this anthology is “a huge success for the city of Coventry”. “This is a city that shows willing. Many of us are now willing the city to reclaim itself culturally. The Phoenix Initiative has the ambition and confidence to push that claim with us, and for us.”

Author: Edited by David Morley
ISBN: 0954531701
Publisher: Heaventree Press