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OSS for Telecom Networks: An Introduction to Network Management

OSS for Telecom Networks: An Introduction to Network Management

OSS software (operational supposrt systems)is used to manage modern telecom networks and provides the data that is needed in the day-to-day running of a telecom network - including the delivery of telecom services to end customers.

OSS software is also increasingly responsible for issuing commands to the network infrastructure to activate new service offerings, commence services for new customers, and detect and correct network faults.

The capabilities of OSS software are central to the service features that can be offered by telecom service providers. On the other hand, the limitations of OSS software translate into limitations on service offerings. It is therefore important for telecom consultants, sales people and managers to have a concrete understanding of OSS software. This book is the definitive introduction and guide to OSS for telecom networks.

This book is essential for telecommunications professionals as an easy-to-read overview of OSS systems. It is also extremely useful for those taking advanced undergraduate courses in computing and engineering touching upon telecommunications, as well as those in postgraduate and professional short courses.

"This book is a gold mine for OSS architects and students alike. Kudan has done an excellent job in explaining the design considerations of various OSS systems and how they influence users experience. The breadth and depth shown in covering various OSS functions makes this book a must-read for anyone involved in OSS systems." - Dr.Shridar Vembu, CEO, AdventNet, Inc., USA


Preface and Introduction

Network Management Overview

ATM Network Management

SNMP Management

CLI and TL1

Service Provisioning

Implementing Service Level Management

Telecom Operations Map: TOM

Extended Telecom Operations Map: eTOM

Inventory Management

Configuration Management

Fault Management

Traffic Management

Web-Based Management


Abbreviations Used

Author: Kundan Misra
ISBN: 1-85233-8083
Publisher: Springer Verlag