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The Mathematical Works of Bernard Bolzano

The Mathematical Works of Bernard Bolzano

Author: Steve Russ
ISBN: 0-19-853930-4
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Date published: December 2004

The much-awaited, first English translations of several of the key mathematical works of Bernard Bolzano (1781-1848), already justly famous as the 'great-grandfather of analytical philosophy'. A scholarly but accessible text aimed at a broad readership including historians and philosophers of science, mathematics and logic. Anyone contemplating research on themes that overlap with these histories might well consider Bolzano's work as a main source or as a case study within a wider context.

Bernard Bolzano was a remarkable thinker and reformer far ahead of his time in many areas, including philosophy, theology, ethics, politics, logic, and mathematics. Aimed at historians and philosophers of both mathematics and logic, and research students in those fields, this volume contains English translations, in most cases for the first time, of many of Bolzano's most significant mathematical writings.

The book aims to make available some of the texts of the mathematical works of Bolzano to individuals with little or no knowledge of German. There are several interesting research issues that arise from Bolzano’s technical achievements themselves and also from the unusually close and fruitful relationship between his philosophical views and his technical work.

Steve Russ is a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, University of Warwick whose research is concerned with Empirical Modelling and with the history of ideas (especially those ideas involved with mathematics and computing).

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