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Strindberg's Miss Julie - commentary by Professor David Thomas and Jo Taylor

Strindberg's Miss Julie front coverAuthors: David Thomas and Jo Taylor

ISBN: 9780413775825/ 0413775828

Publisher: Methuen Student Editions

Price: £8.99

Emeritus Professor David Thomas and Warwick English and Theatre Studies graduate Jo Taylor have prepared this edition of Strindberg’s Miss Julie. Professor Thomas supervised Jo’s final year dissertation on Strindberg and was so impressed that he asked Methuen if they would permit her to contribute to the Miss Julie volume which he was already contracted to prepare for them. Having read her work they readily agreed to the proposal.Strindberg's Miss Julie back cover

Jo took primary responsibility for 'The biographical context' and 'Strindberg’s Naturalist trilogy'. David took primary responsibility for the Chronology, Plot, 'The Preface', 'The Social Context', 'The stage setting, stage directions and use of stage space', and 'Miss Julie on stage'. Both authors shared the task of writing the commentary on 'The relationships'. David exercised editorial control over the volume as a whole.

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