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How to become more patient - add a zero

Daniel Read presents new ideas on how to nudge people into thinking more of the future when making choices that extend into it.

Mon 04 Jun 2018, 09:42

The Mind is Flat - why we have no hidden depths - Nick Chater

Nick Chater argues that we can never really know why we make the decisions that we do in this extract from his new book The Mind is Flat - The Illusion of Mental Depth and The Improvised Mind published by Penguin.

Mon 04 Jun 2018, 09:26 | Tags: nick-chater

The Olympics: the Human Zoo looks at the psychology of sport

This week's episode of BBC Radio 4's hit psychology series sees Professor Nick Chater of WBS talking about the psychology and neuroscience of watching sports. UK readers can click to listen to the full episode on iplayer

Thu 04 Aug 2016, 10:38 | Tags: nick-chater, grp, media, human-zoo

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