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Behaviour, Brain & Society GRP Events and Activities 2021

Our events and activities are bought to you by a range interdisciplinary research groups and researchers. Our aim is to bring you thought-provoking events and activities that capture the broad range of influence Behavioural Science has across all aspects of life. From how financial decisions are made by investors make, the economic and political issues surrounding climate change and how science has shaped artists' perception of the world.

Previous Events

Behavioural Humanities Speaker Series 2021

Behavioural Humanities aims to celebrate the many interesting connections between behavioural science and the arts and humanities.

Facilitated by our academic lead Professor Thomas Hills, this speaker series focuses on contributions from literature, the visual arts, and music and investigates how behavioural science and the humanities inform each other. This includes a discussion of George Eliot's 'Middlemarch' in the light of modern behavioural science by examining its insights into human behaviour.

Core Insights
Core Insights: Behavioural Science

Warwick Business School's Core Insights team presents a 12-part series on Behavioural Science. Warwick Business School has the biggest group of Behavioural Science researchers in Europe. Over 12 episodes host Trevor Barnes interviews academics on the latest research and thinking into how our mind works, how we make decisions, the biases and heuristics that govern our behaviour and how we can apply behavioural science insights to help improve business, government, health and society.

Subjective Probability, Utility, and Decision Making (SPUDM)

Sunday 22 August - Tuesday 24 August.

We are excited to announce that SPUDM will be hosted at the University of Warwick in 2021. This conference brings together international and interdisciplinary forum for scientists dealing with modelling, analysing and aiding decision processes.