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Topical Issues

What current issues are we examining?

Research on Covid 19

The COVID19 pandemic has claimed many lives and caused hardship across the world. Behavioural scientists have a role to play in trying to understand the social and behavioural aspects of the pandemic in an attempt to improve the current situation and learn lessons for the future.

Research on inequality

Behavioural researchers at Warwick have been actively engaged in seeking to understand inequality and injustice in society, whether this is in terms of income, opportunity or education, and to seek out the causes of inequality

Warwick Behavioural Insights Team logo
Warwick Behavioural Insights Team (WBIT)

WBIT events provide an opportunity to hear inspiring ideas, form partnerships, and discover new trends in Behavioural Science. The aim of the WBIT summit is to bridge the gap between academics and professionals, public and private sectors.

The Sense of Commitment: An integrative framework for modelling commitment

Our GRP has supported several research projects. This project examines how and when people are willing to make and honour commitments. This includes, relying on other's commitments and how we dealt with commitment as children. Dr John Michael is our principal investigator.

Who is involved?

We are a team of academics from across the University of Warwick. Our GRP aims to create new opportunities to consider well-being, decision making in Behavioural Sciences across the Social Sciences, Science, Engineering, Medicine and the Arts.

For more information, see our people page.