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Food For Thought

A University event held on Friday 13th May 2016 in the Students Union, bringing together a range of speakers including Warwick and Coventry academics along with other charities and organisations working with food, to discuss the issues of food waste and wellbeing.


  • Kerry Kirwan, University of Warwick: Carrot Power
  • Martine Barons, University of Warwick: Decision support and Eco pollination services/food poverty
  • Lizzi Bos Coventry University: ‘Growing a better society: the role of community food growing’
  • Sarah Meharg: Food and Mood
  • Nat Panda: Food excellence project at the Student Union
  • Amy Wheeler: Birmingham student project into food waste
  • Chris Maughan, University of Warwick: Food Coop/urban gardening
  • Sarah Bromley WRAP: EU Fusions
  • Jordon Lazell: Coventry Food Waste Studies Group?
  • Brittany Pummell Coventry University: Living waste free
  • Fareshare
  • Warwickshire Council: From Grey to Green The Great Warwickshire Yuk Off
  • Food Union

Warwick Student Union Food Waste Campaign video


Dr Kerry Kirwan discussed using carrot, potatoes and chocolate waste to create new fibres that can be used like carbon fibre to build parts of a car.

A number of speakers talked about the benefits of allotments, including initiatives to help people with mental health and rehabilitating prisoners through engagement with a prison allotment. There are over 300,000 allotments and in London there is up to a 40 year waiting list demonstrating a demand for fresh produce. University of Warwick Allotment Society.

A number of other voluntary initiatives are also running in Coventry, helping to reduce food waste and encourage community spirit. These include The Pod, Rawkus, Warwick Food Coop and Food Union who are always looking for volunteers from those in or around Coventry. At the national level is Fareshare, which takes surplus food from, for example, supermarkets and distributes it around the country to charities, such as hostels for the homeless and women’s refuges.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought
 Food for Thought