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First evidence session

Sustainable Food Supply Chain Commission

On 20th January 2014, the Food Ethics Council, Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) and University of Warwick, held the first evidence session in its Sustainable Food Supply Chain Commission.

The discussion explored the main issues that food businesses need to address to ensure that their supply chains remain sustainable. Within this discussion, the three pillars of sustainability – social, environmental and economic – provided a framework to explore the key underlying issues in both domestic and global food supply chains.

Among the issues discussed were; how businesses can cooperate to ensure security of supply, how to incorporate sustainability into ‘good business practice’ and what role government and consumers have in assisting businesses.

Fiona Gooch, Senior Policy Advisor, Traidcraft - one of the expert speakers who gave evidence - commented:

“This evidence session was an excellent opportunity to explore the key issues facing the food sector in maintaining a sustainable food supply chain. I look forward to continuing to work with the IPT, Food Ethics Council and University of Warwick in their next evidence sessions, exploring the issues raised and how business can better cooperate with government and consumers to find solutions beneficial for all.”

Listen here to listen to a podcast from our two expert speakers taken after the event.