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New logo Are you a Warwick student interested in food?

Join a community of students and researchers (including the Universities of Warwick, Oxford, Reading, City University, the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Royal Veterinary College, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

Engage in food systems issues through lectures, workshops and workplace networking- with resources and interaction hosted on a ‘virtual learning environment’ (Moodle). More information.



Nexus Centre


The University of Warwick is a Co-investigator in the 'Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus' (CECAN), a £3m national research centre hosted by the University of Surrey, which brings together a unique coalition of experts to address some of the greatest issues in policy making and evaluation. CECAN will pioneer, test and promote innovative evaluation approaches and methods across nexus problem domains, such as biofuel production or climate change, where food, energy, water and environmental issues intersect.

CECAN website
Mailing list signup form to receive updates, invites and e-newsletters from CECAN.
Emma Uprichard is the University of Warwick representative for CECAN – please e-mail her if you would like to be more involved.


'A Plastic Ocean'


In conjunction with A Plastic Ocean Foundation (and kindly supported by the Warwick Midlands Professional Network), a free screening of their award winning film 'A Plastic Ocean', and a panel discussion about plastics and the problems associated with them, is being hosted at the University of Warwick main campus, WBS Room 0.004, Thursday 9th May - 6-9pm.
The aim of the event is to bring the Warwick community together to discuss, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the issue of plastics with a view to both raising awareness of the associated problems, and to develop ideas and initiatives to help tackle the problem.

Free tickets with registration and further information