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Food Research: Politics and International Studies

In the Department of Politics and International Studies, scholars consider where power lies in different spaces of the food system. This involves looking at private sector actors as well as public ones like governments, and at material and discursive forms of power. Substantively, research in the department has focused on:

  • Regional governance of food and agriculture in Europe and East Asia
  • Negotiations in the World Trade Organisation and construction of alternative fair-trade markets
  • Democratic engagement of farmers and food activists into decision-making spheres
  • Legislative regulation of bio-pesticides and animal welfare

Research projects relevant to food:

Biopesticide regulation (Wyn Grant, Justin Greaves)

Blogging the Common Agricultural Policy (Wyn Grant)

Governance of livestock disease (Wyn Grant, Justin Greaves)

Social justice in the sugar cane industry (Ben Richardson)

Recent publications relevant to food:

Brassett, J., Richardson, B. and Smith, W. (2011) 'Experiments in Global Governance: Sustainability Roundtables and the Politics of Deliberation', CSGR working paper, 271/10

Chandler, D., Grant, W., Greaves, J., Prince, G., Tatchell, M., Bailey, A. (2010) Biological Control, Integrated Pest Management and the Regulatory Challenge: an Interdisciplinary Approach (CABI Publishing)

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Richardson, B. (2009) Sugar: Refined Power in a Global Regime (Palgrave)

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