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Head of the Academic Office

Andrew Higgins


Welcome to the Academic Office.

Andrew Higgins leads the Academic Office which comprises the teams set out below. The Academic Office delivers academic services to students at all levels of study from the point of enrolment to graduation. It contributes to securing the quality and standards of academic courses of study and the appropriate deployment of space on campus to support the student experience.

As Head of Department, Andrew is responsible for:

(a) Developing strategy and implementing policies and initiatives in support of postgraduate education at Warwick through administrative leadership of the Graduate School, ensuring co-ordination of policy in academic departments and across administrative support functions.

(b) Directing and managing major University academic administrative functions through the operational teams within the Academic Office. Whilst operational management of these administrative functions is delegated to Senior/Assistant Registrars, the Director’s role is to maintain a strategic overview of these areas and facilitate the development of ‘joined-up’ student administration capable of meeting current and future needs according to the University’s strategic objectives and to ensure external and statutory requirements are met.

(c) Leading the formulation of University policy relating to student academic services.

(d) Playing a lead role in evaluating and forecasting future IT needs and leading the implementation of solutions.

(e) Working with academic colleagues, other administrative service providers and key stakeholders to deliver excellence in student administration.

(f) Contributing to the development of policy across a broad range of functions in the Academic Registrar’s Office as a member of the Academic Registrar’s Office Directorate.

Queries relating to the work of the Academic Office and the services it provides may be directed to Andrew through his PA, Vicky Hodgkins, at PA_AcademicOffice at warwick dot ac dot uk

If you have already contacted the relevant team in the Academic Office but have a problem you wish to escalate then you may contact Andrew directly at andrew dot higgins at warwick dot ac dot uk

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The Graduate School

Team Leader: Rhiannon Martyn

R Martyn

Through the Board of Graduate Studies, this section is responsible for all postgraduate provision at the University, ranging from short CPD courses in Warwick Medical School and The Institute of Education, to postgraduate research degrees. The Graduate School also has responsibility for postgraduate scholarships, research degree examinations, monitoring of research degree students and postgraduate appeals and complaints.

Ext: 50887 R dot Martyn at warwick dot ac dot uk

Contact the Graduate School


Student Finance and Funding

Team Leader: Teng Zhang

Teng ZhangStudent Finance
This section is responsible for managing the collection of all fees from students including tuition fees, accommodation fees, library fines and any other charges students may have whilst they are at Warwick. The finance team also manages the TDA salaries scheme.

  • Student Funding

    The Student Funding team offers advice and guidance on all aspects of Student Financial Support. This section also administers undergraduate scholarships and bursaries for Home students ( the WUAP and Warwick USB programmes),  hardship funds for Home and International Students including the Access to Learning Fund, International Students' Emergency Fund and the International Students' Childcare Remission Scheme.

Contact Student Finance or Funding

Ext: 73260 Email: T dot Zhang dot 4 at warwick dot ac dot uk

Student Records and Awards & Ceremonies

Team Leader: Sharon Miles

Sharon milesStudent Records and Institutional Enrolment

We manage the student and course records for all students following accredited undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses (except PCET and Certificate in Diabetes Care programmes). This includes changes to personal data, course tranfers, suspension and withdrawal. We also provide policy guidance to students and colleagues in academic departments on these issues. From 2016, Academic Office has also assumed responsibility for managing institutional enrolment.

Contact Student Records

Awards & Ceremonies 

This team is responsible for all of the awards ceremonies held by the University and for the issue of all certificates to graduates. We also manage the process for issuing replacement certificates for alumni and for the verification of those awards.

Contact Awards & Ceremonies

Ext: 50174 Email: Sharon dot Miles at warwick dot ac dot uk



Team Leader: Wendy Buggs

InfWendy Buggsormation on the administrative arrangement of examinations at the University. For undergraduates this also includes information on module registration and de-registration.

Ext: 22633 Email: Wendy dot Buggs at warwick dot ac dot uk

Contact Examinations & Assessment

SITS Application Management

Team Leader: Roger Allinson-French

SITS Team Leader

The SITS Application Management Team is responsible for application management, support, training, administration and development of the University corporate student records system SITS:Vision and its web front end SITS:eVision (Student Records Online).

Ext: 72995 Email: Roger dot Allinson-French at warwick dot ac dot uk