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Award Certificates

certificate being presentedYour award certificate is available in one of four ways:

  • If you attend a Degree Congregation you will be presented with your certificate on stage;
  • If you register to defer your ceremony to a future ceremony date, your certificate will be issued on stage at the time of your chosen ceremony (it cannot be issued before this time);
  • If you are not eligible to attend a degree ceremony, or choose to graduate in absentia, your certificate will be posted to you or can be collected from Student Services, Senate House (please allow for up to 8 weeks posting from the ceremony/conferral). If you are to be awarded a sub-degree qualification (e.g. Postgraduate Diploma) and wish to collect your certificate, please use our Contact Us service to let us know that you wish to collect it, otherwise we will post it to your home address record;
  • In a small number of cases, departments arrange local ceremonies for some sub-degree qualifications. In these cases, your certificate will be collected by your department and presented at that ceremony, or, posted out to you via the department;
  • Occasionally, we make arrangements for the award certificate to be sent via the University's international representatives for onward distribution/collection. This applies to graduates of the IGDS programmes run by WMG.

Please note: Under no circumstances can the University issue Degree Certificates BEFORE graduation. You cannot receive your certificate in advance of the ceremony and, if you choose to graduate in absentia, you cannot receive it, either in person or via post, until AFTER the ceremonies conclude. If you choose to defer, your certificate will not be issued until the time of your chosen future ceremony. If you require proof that your award has been conferred by the Senate/Steering Committee before your graduation, you may request a Certificate of Status letter from the Student Services Reception Team (you can apply online for this after the recommendation of the Board of Examiners has been approved by the University's Senate/Steering Committee - please wait for your email confirmation from Student Records before requesting this).


If you are collecting your own certificate, remember to bring your proof of identity when collecting. If you have elected someone else to collect on your behalf, and have not already informed us, you should Contact Us to confirm the name of the person collecting. It will only be released to the name of the person you have provided to the Awards & Ceremonies Team. The number of certificates that any one person can collect is a maximum of 5 (five) certificates. Please check with the person to ensure that they will be able to collect your certificate. If they have already agreed to collect certificates for 5 other graduates, please check with another friend/colleague. Your friend/colleague must show their own proof of identification (eg passport) which Student Services Reception will need to see when they collect your certificate.

Degree certificates being awarded in absentia in the Winter 2020 ceremonies, will NOT be available for collection before or during the weeks of the ceremonies - these will be available for collection from 2.00pm on Monday 27 January 2020 onwards from Student Services Reception, Senate House. Certificates cannot be collected before this date. Please visit Student Services Reception during their opening hours. If you are changing your preferred certificate delivery method or person collecting your certificate, we require a minimum of one week's notice BEFORE the ceremonies commence in order to help ensure that your degree certificate will be available at this time, otherwise, there may be a delay in delivering your certificate to the Student Services Reception.


For those receiving degree awards (eg PhD, MSc, BA, FDA etc), before we send your degree certificate we ask that you confirm your preferred delivery address via the online graduation registration process. If you have not completed this, you will need to Contact Us to confirm your preferred delivery address. Certificates for degree graduates will NOT be sent out without an address confirmation.

If your address is normally written in a non-Latin script (e.g. Chinese addresses) we would advise you to provide us with your address in both English and non-Latin characters. You should do this via the appropriate address screens on the online graduation registration form or Contact Us if the registration period has closed. Whilst it may be customary in your country to include your telephone number with your address, we will NOT be permitted to add your telephone number to the address label unless you specifically Contact Us to request this separately.

For those receiving lower awards (ie Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Award, Graduate Diploma, Diploma, Certificate or Post-Experience Diploma/Certificate), please ensure that your HOME address record is up to date for posting. If you prefer it to be posted to a different address, (or wish to collect it) please Contact Us to arrange this.

The University will cover the cost of posting your certificate using standard postal services (Royal Mail 1st Class for UK and Recorded Delivery (signed for service) for overseas addresses). In order to prioritise and expedite posting of certificates following the ceremonies, we would respectfully ask you not to contact us within the first 4 weeks after the ceremonies have concluded. If you would prefer to receive your certificate by courier, you may opt to pay for a courier service (see charges below). Courier requests will be prioritised over our standard postal service and will be sent within the first 3 weeks after the ceremonies.

Please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery after graduation ceremonies (or within 3 weeks via courier).

Payments for courier delivery (£20.00 GBP for UK deliveries or £40.00 GBP for overseas deliveries) can be made by:


In line with government advice the Awards and Ceremonies Team are working at home until further notice. During this time we do not have access to printing or postage facilities. As such, we have suspended our authorised certificate copy and replacement certificate services. We appreciate your understanding and if there is anything equivalent we can provide, via email, do not hesitate to get in touch via

Alumni seeking authorised certificate copies or a replacement certificate should consider whether a Confirmation of Award Letter will be a suitable alternative during this time. Confirmation of Award Letters are issued by the Student Services team who are currently able to send letters electronically and in the post. For more information, please see the final item on our Status Letter webpage.

We can also:

Provide authorised certificate copies of your certificate

Provide a replacement copy of your certificate

Please note that the Awards & Ceremonies Team does not issue transcripts of study. You can request a copy of your transcript from Student Records Management. Where possible, transcripts for Taught Postgraduate degree qualification awards will be sent out with certificates. Should this not be possible, Student Records Management will send it separately.