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Awards & Ceremonies

Please note that we are aware of and are currently investigating issues with emails sent from our system to email addresses ending ''. If you are attending the ceremonies you may have missed our most recent email with information about the day, but you can find the full contents of this email here.

Winter Ceremonies - January 2020

The Winter Graduation ceremonies will be held from Tuesday 21 January - Friday 24 January 2020 (inclusive) in the Butterworth Hall, Warwick Arts Centre. Please refer to the schedule to confirm the date and time of the ceremonies for each department. Registration will open in mid-November.

Summer Ceremonies - July 2019

The Congregation was from Tuesday 16 - Wednesday 24 July 2019. If you were eligible to graduate and did not register, please contact us to confirm your delivery address and method of receipt for your certificate. Please check our Award Certificates page for further information on how we post certificates.


Future Graduation Ceremonies:

  • Summer 2020: Tuesday 14 July 2020 - Wednesday 22 July 2020 (with no weekend ceremonies)
  • Future Winter dates: The penultimate full week in January (subject to change)
  • Future Summer dates: the third and fourth week after the end of the Summer term (subject to change)
Register your interest to be notified once future ceremony schedules have been released.