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HEAR and Transcripts

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

Undergraduates no longer have a paper transcript produced for them on graduation.

The University of Warwick has implemented the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) for undergraduate students. Students should activate their gradintel account before graduation so you can access your HEAR.

The HEAR acts as a cumulative, formative record until a student graduates, at which stage it is finalised and becomes the formal official record of study. This includes module marks, degree classification, additional activities, awards and course content etc.

HEARs are refreshed in August to show the conferral of the degree and will include marks where possible. The marks shown are as provided by the department responsible for the module. Please contact departmental administrators in the first instance if issues arise.

Additional activities will also be added in August after confirmation of the data.

All undergraduates who studied in the academic year 2019/20, whose examination assessment for a module could not take place due to COVID-19, may download a letter from the Academic Registrar.


A transcript is an official summary of academic performance. The transcript is a legal University document and therefore cannot be altered. It includes information such as:

  • Student name and date of birth
  • Qualification and marks obtained
  • University start date and end date
  • Date of conferral
  • Level and degree class conferred (as appropriate).

Transcripts are only produced for postgraduate students at the time of graduation and will be sent out with your certificates where possible, although priority will be given to sending out certificates if issues arise. A transcript document would then follow to the same address as soon as possible.

Student Administrative Services do not produce transcripts for the below courses, please contact the teams below with any questions:

All iHEED programmes: Please visit the Warwick Medical School for further details or contact iHEED directly via their contact pageLink opens in a new window

MBA students: Warwick Business School manage the administration of Master of Business Administration transcripts. Please email:

MPA students: Warwick Business School manage the administration of Master of Public Administration transcripts. Please email:

MSc in Police Leadership and Management students: Warwick Business School manage the administration of MSc in Police Leadership and Management transcripts. Please email:

International Foundation Programme students: please contact the International Foundation ProgrammeLink opens in a new windowoffice.

PhD and other research degree students: the University of Warwick is not able to produce transcripts for research students. The Student ServicesLink opens in a new window office, however, can issue a Confirmation of Award letter. Please contact for further information.

MBChB students: Warwick Medical School manage the administration of MB ChB transcriptsLink opens in a new window.

Certificate in Diabetes Care courses (route codes B706, B709, B710, B720, B722, B723) students do not have transcripts issued for these courses. Please contact the Warwick Medical SchoolLink opens in a new window for further details.