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Staff Directory

Andrew Higgins Director of the Academic Office 24297
Victoria Hodgkins PA to the Director of the Academic Office 23760  

Student Records Management

General Enquiries Contact us 74333
Internships Agreements 23760
Sharon Miles Assistant Registrar Student Records 50174
Derek Brandist Administration Officer 74049
Ellie Clarke Student Records Management Co-ordinator (Weds PM, Thurs, Fri) (on Leave) 24554
Emma Ford Administration Officer 50808
VACANT Student Records Management Assistant 72842
Jessica Guest Student Records Management Co-ordinator (Weds PM, Thurs, Fri) (Cover) 72842
Justine Walsh Student Records Management Assistant 24413
Karine Njoh Student Records Management Co-ordinator 75837
Louise Poole Student Records Management Assistant (Mon, Tues, Weds AM) 74072
Mandy Denny Student Records Management Assistant 22597
Mark Prendergast Student Records Management Assistant 22569
George Hill Student Records Management Assistant 73969
Sue Went Student Records Management Co-ordinator (Mon, Tues, Weds AM) 23795
Enrolment, Awards and Ceremonies
Enrolment Enquiries Contact us 22519
Graduation Enquiries Contact us 51392
Alex Gray Academic Office Project Officer 51851 /07392 125 622
Fiona Rushworth Academic Office Project Coordinator 22519/07392 125 623
Jessica Guest Academic Office Assistant 51392
Val Biggs Awards and Ceremonies Co-ordinator 28102

Student Information Systems

Roger Allinson French Head of Student Information Systems 72995
Karen Hartfield Student Systems Analyst 23061
Kat Laidlaw Student Systems Analyst 24896
Sarah Wood Student Systems Specialist 73991

Graduate School

General Enquiries 75533
Rhiannon Martyn Senior Assistant Registrar (Graduate School) 50887 /07384 231434
Ellie Shields Project Officer (PG Scholarship) (Cover) 75345
Kath Bown Clerical Officer (Temp) 22790
Helen Brown Graduate School Committee & Records Assistant 22569
Jayne Patience Graduate Records Officer 73110
Laura Larard Administrative Officer 22755
Louise Sutcliffe PG Student Development Officer (Weds Pm, Thurs, Fri) 23337
Mitzi Ward PG Scholarships Officer 73860
Nicola Ellis-Thomas Project Officer (PG Scholarship) 50724
Sarah Taylor Research Degree Examination Officer 24626
Stella Neophytou PG Student Development Officer (Mon, Tues Weds AM) 23337
Susan Black Assistant Scholarships Officer 23312
Tracy Horton PG Student Development Officer 50401

Examinations and Assessment

General Enquires 23633
Wendy Buggs Senior Assistant Registrar (Examinations) 22633
Cathal O'Conchobhair Examinations Assistant ( Mark Collection, Transcripts, Distance Learning MBA) 51018
Helen Greenwood Administrative Officer ( Examinations) 24335
Jo Latimer Administrative Officer (Operations) 74160
Amrit Tanda Examinations Assistant (Temp) 28016
Lorraine Tipper Senior Clerical Officer (Mark Entry, Examinations) 50001
Marion Hayes Examinations Assistant ( Mark Collection, Transcripts, Distance Learning MBA) Mon, Tues, Weds am 51018
Sarah Gilbert Clerical Officer (Mark Collection, Transcripts & Module Registration) 74031

Student Funding

General Enquiries 50096
Teng Zhang Head of Student Finance and Student Funding 73260
Chrissie Cooper Student Funding Assistant 22788
Gemma Hearnden Student Funding Manager 50542
Helen Cherrington Senior Student Funding Advisor and Office Manager 75327
Jacqui Allison Student Funding Advisor 22737
Kate Gibbins Student Funding Advisor (Outreach) 50769
Laraine Hamilton Student Funding Assistant 50096
Rebecca Ayres Senior Student Funding Advisor (Outreach) 75595
Viv Sykes Student Funding Manager (Existing Schemes) 72952

Student Finance

Fees Team 28471
Collections Team 28472
Teng Zhang Head of Student Finance and Student Funding 73260
Angela Jones Senior Finance Officer 28103
Angeliki Harissiou Senior Finance Officer (Maternity Leave) 22414
Catherine Browne Senior Finance Officer (Fee Generation) 74352
Charlotte Brandist Senior Finance Officer (Fee Generation) 73250
Chau Ho Student Finance Assistant tbc
Debbie Constable Student Finance Officer 24662
Dipesh Jagatia Credit Controller 50956
Erica Kendrick Senior Finance Officer (Maternity Cover) 22414
Anne Titterrell Credit Controller (Temp) 73043
Jeanette Jones Senior Finance Officer Collections 23872
Jungha Lee Credit Controller (Temp) TBA
Lloyd Woolcock Credit Controller 23636
Louise Wadsworth Student Finance Officer SLC,UKBA and US Loans 22739
VACANT Student Finance Assistant 73236
Sarah Gee Senior Finance Officer TBC
Nicola Attridge Finance Manager (PGR Funding) 23528
Paul Cooke Student Finance Manager 22636
Sandra Keogh Credit Controller 72636
Lucy Hayward Student Finance Officer SLC 74351
Sue Grainger Senior Finance Officer Research Councils 24752