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Staff Directory

Andrew Higgins Director of the Student Administrative Services 24297
Carla Stafford PA to the Director of the Student Administrative Services 22065   

Student Records (Awards & Ceremonies, Enrolment, Examinations & Student Records)

Student Record Enquiries Contact us 74333
Internships Agreements 23760
Enrolment Enquiries Contact us 22519
Graduation Enquiries Contact us 51392
Examinations General Enquiries 23633
Sharon Miles Assistant Director Student Administrative Services 50174
Edward Allen Student Records Co-ordinator 73969
Tracey Antrobus Clerical Officer - Examinations  
Matthew Bates Student Records - Senior Assistant 23660
Jess Bayliss Student Records Assistant  
Oliver Bell Student Records Senior Assistant (Business Operations) 51392
Val Biggs Awards and Ceremonies Co-ordinator 28102
Derek Brandist Student Records Manager 74049
Mandy Denny Student Records Assistant 22597
Sharon Duffy Clerical Officer - Examinations 24335
Emma Ford Administration Officer 50808
Alex Gray Enrolment and Degree Ceremony Manager 51851 /07392 125 622
Helen Greenwood Administrative Officer - Examinations 24335
Vacant Examinations Assistant 74562
Joanne Latimer Examinations Manager 22715
Jo Lindop Student Records Assistant 28016
Shaun Nicholson Senior Student Records Assistant 75198
Kieran Platt Administrative Officer (Operations) 23551
Mark Prendergast Student Records Assistant 22569
Sarah Robinson Student Records Assistant  
Carrie-Ann Taylor Awards and Ceremonies/Enrolment Project Coordinator
22519/07392 125 623
Richard Tiller Administrative Officer Examinations 72505
Penny Tompson Clerical Officer - Examinations 22670
Justine Walsh Student Records Assistant 24413
Sue Went Student Records Co-ordinator (Mon, Tues, Weds AM) 23795