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What can you expect from the University and your department?

  1. Each department will have its own procedures for handling the mandatory/optional years out or placements and, for the sake of brevity, these are not replicated in full here. However, students can expect to have an induction to placement learning prior to departure which will include health and safety information. Departments will provide contact details for one or more staff members with responsibility for managing placements in that department. Such individuals will have responsibility for ensuring students are able to access their expected learning outcomes whilst away from the University, as well as providing some basic level pastoral care and support. Students should also have the contact details for their SSLC representatives, the University Senior Tutor, the University Counselling Service and the Students’ Union Advice and Welfare team.

  2. Outgoing exchange and visiting students will also get advice, support and guidance from the International Office.

  3. Departmental staff should visit students at least once during the year out (except for those in the fourth category above) in order to assess the individual’s learning, support and to provide appropriate guidance, etc. At the end of the year out (again with the exception of those under 4 above) students who have not been studying modules whilst on placement will be expected to produce a report on their placement, which will normally be assessed on a pass/fail basis in order to determine whether the student can be awarded a degree ‘with intercalated year’ or similar, or may progress to the next year of study where the placement year is integral to the whole course.

  4. Prior to their return students can expect to receive information about module choices and accommodation. This will be provided by the department, International Office or Warwick Accommodation and enquiries should be directed accordingly.