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Resumption of Study Following a Temporary Withdrawal

A student who has been temporarily withdrawn from their studies is required to re-enrol with the University following the end of the period of withdrawal. If the temporary withdrawal was granted for reasons other than medical the student must notify the Student Records Management team and their department of their intention to return using Student Records Requests in Student Records Online.

For those students who withdrew on medical grounds, a medicial certificate confirming that the student is fit to resume their studies, is required.

For those students who have been temporarily withdrawn by Fees committee, please contact Student Finance who will confirm payment with Student Records Management.

Eight weeks prior to your return to study date, a standard reminder email will be sent.

If the University has not received a resumption request two weeks before your expected resumption date, a second reminder will be sent.

If you have not confirmed your return to study by the resumption date then the procedure for non-attendance (Regulation 36) will be initiated.