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Information about Placements

These pages are intended to support students who are planning, or who are currently taking, any form of placement as part of their studies at Warwick. In particular these pages set out some basic guidance for students to consider when planning their placement and should be read in conjunction with any guidance made available by your department/school. In addition, the Students' Union Advice CentreLink opens in a new window is available to provide independent advice and support to all students. The University typically supports students with the following types of placement:

  • A year abroad with the aim of obtaining additional language skills (spent either studying or working);
  • A year working in industry or commerce either in the UK or elsewhere;
  • A placement you have arranged yourself through which you will be able to demonstrate additional subject-related knowledge or work-based skills.

These guidance pages have the following sections:

  1. General information
  2. Information on how to obtain a Convention de Stage or Convenio de Colaboracion
  3. What you can expect from the University and from your department/school
  4. Teaching Quality matters related to placement learning
  5. Things you should be aware of when arranging a placement