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What will be recorded in the HEAR?

  • Academic achievement including module marks and degree classsification
  • Information about the programme of study
  • Additional information such as activities undertaken and prizes won

A full list of the information captured in the HEAR is available here.

'Additional information' in the HEAR

The HEAR includes information about additional activities undertaken and prizes won whilst at university. Institutions choose which 'additional information' is included. At Warwick these decisions have been guided by:

Activities recognised in the HEAR

The activities that are included in the HEAR at Warwick are listed below. Further information about activities that will not be included is available here.

Additional Awards

Open studies certificates
Introduction to Counselling
Language Centre courses

Additional Recognised Activities

Warwick Advantage Award
Warwick Global Advantage Award
Warwick Volunteers Certificate
Undergraduate Research Support Scheme
Lord Rootes Memorial Fund
Institutional Review Panel Member
Outstanding Student Contribution Award (OSCA)
Warwick in Africa volunteer
Warwick Laksh Programme
Intercultural Training for Studying and Working Abroad

Students' Union

Society Executive
Students' Union Inspire Volunteer
Part-time student representative
Sabbatical officer
Student Staff Liaison Committee member
Student Trustee
One World Week Executive
Warwick Student Arts Festival Executive
Advice Centre Volunteer

Warwick Sport

Sports Club - Executive Position
Sports Club Focus Teams
Sports Full Colours
Sports Half Colours
Sports Club Colours
Sports Warwick Active Colours
Sports Committee Member
Sports Scholarships

Department/Course specific

Coaching Practice : Coaching Conversations
Professional Communication
Digital Literacy
Briefings Project
Personal Development Module
Undergraduate Mentor Scheme
Study Skills

University, Professional and Departmental Prizes

Outstanding Student Contribution Award (OSCA)
Departmental Prizes

Activities not recognised in the HEAR
  • Work experience
  • Voluntary work arranged outside the Warwick Volunteers scheme
  • Externally accredited achievements

Students may choose to reference activities not verified by the University of Warwick on their CV or e-portfolio.