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HEAR: Overarching Principles

The overarching principles (level 1 protocols) that guide which activities are included in the Warwick HEAR are set out below. The activities that have been agreed for inclusion in the HEAR to date (see Information Recorded in the HEAR) have met ALL the criteria set out in the “level 1” protocol below.

i) The activity is verifiable and certified by at least one permanent employee of the University of Warwick or University of Warwick Students’ Union.

ii) The opportunity to undertake the activity is in principle open to all relevant students.

iii) It must be possible for information about the activity to be presented factually, not opinion-based

iv) The activity/outcome is not a direct part of the substantive academic programme

v) The activity does not arise primarily as a result of any explicit or implicit contract of paid employment.

vi) The activity must not otherwise be recognised, awarded or verified by any external organisation or agency, even if wholly or in part completed as part of a University of Warwick administered activity.

vii) The activity must be included in the HEAR before the student has completed their academic programme, the date of the relevant Board of Examiners being the final date for inclusion of items.