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Policy on the Use of Lecture Recordings and Transcripts of Teaching Material and Recording of Teaching Sessions by Students

The University expects all students to participate fully in the learning opportunities offered by their course of study and encourages all students to take advantage of additional opportunities for development, both personally and academically. As part of this, attendance at lectures and seminars is an expectation. (We also believe that note-taking (as in lectures and seminars) is itself a valuable skill.)

It is important that you respect your lecturer or tutor's work and their right to manage the manner in which it is distributed. Lectures and learning materials, including recordings and transcripts of teaching content that are produced as part of your course, are the intellectual property of the University and the staff who develop them and who deliver teaching through a variety of methods.

Should you wish to make your own recording of an online or face-to-face lecture (in any format, whether audio or audio-visual) you must seek the permission of the lecturer before the session begins and you will need to explain the reason for wishing to record the session. Seminars or workshops should not be recorded without permission of all participants who contribute.

Any transcripts produced or recordings that are made either by teaching staff or with their permission must not be distributed in any format (including through posting the recording or a transcription on the internet or any other forum). The information may only be used in support of your own learning or others' registered on the course (with the express permission of the lecturer or tutor). Any offences under the Policy may be dealt with under the University's Disciplinary Regulations.

The University recognises that recording can form a reasonable adjustment for disabled students under the Equality Act 2010. If you wish to record lectures or another learning opportunity in order to make the information more accessible to you due to a disability or learning difference, please contact Wellbeing Support Services at If Wellbeing Support Services have notified your department that recording lectures will support your learning, you will not need to seek the permission of the lecturer before the lecture begins, but recordings or transcripts must not be distributed in any format.

Approved by the Senate on 17 March 2021

Change Log

  • 23/03/2021 - Policy updated as approved by the Senate on 17 March 2021
  • 14/03/2014 - Policy published as approved by the Senate on 14 March 2014