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2 April 2020 Workshops

Details about the optional 1 hour workshops available on 2 April 2020 are below:

Mindfulness - Dean Howes (Centre for Lifelong Learning)

Mindfulness is an increasingly popular area of practical application and academic research. The benefits of regular practice are well documented and include improved clarity, resilience, recovery, creativity, problem-solving and communication amongst many others. This session will give a deeper introduction to mindfulness and its relationship to wellbeing, mental health and performance and also include some practices.

Short courses on this subject are also available from the University's Centre for Lifelong Learning, and the cost for these may be covered by the Warwick Learning Account.

Self Coaching - Anna Chapman

This workshop will explore what is meant by non-directive coaching and consider some of the key skills and techniques involved in coaching. The session will focus on the use of coaching questions and the GROW model, and consider how individuals can apply these to their own challenges. Participants should come to the workshop with an idea about a challenge or issue (personal or work-related) on which they would find it helpful to receive coaching.

Warwick Sport Active Session - Eugene Deville

Join the Warwick Active team for some light, pop-up sport activities and have a fun, active break!

Activities on offer include pop-up table tennis, Spikeball and hula hoops.

You won’t need special kit and materials will be provided; though we do recommend appropriate shoes/ trainers.

Surviving Setbacks and Change - Mel Pepper

We can’t avoid setbacks and change in life but we can learn how to survive them. This session will explore how to develop your resilience, revealing the impact of stress and perfectionism. We’ll explore the value of self-acceptance and authenticity, and conclude with three keys to thriving.

Women in Leadership – Amanda Bishop and Anne Wilson

This interactive session will look to explore what we mean by leadership and how we create the skills sets perceived.It will seek to challenge perspectives and ideas, and give some thoughts as to further direction and training.

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