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27 November 2019 Workshops

Details about the optional workshops available on 27 November are below:

Part-time work at Warwick - Stella Neophytou

Please come along to an idea-generating workshop on part-time work at Warwick, during which we will explore the following themes:

  • Current practice
  • Culture
  • Recruitment and development

We will then use your ideas to draft proposals to enhance experiences and increase opportunities for part-time workers at Warwick, as part of an initiative by Warwick’s Part-Time Staff Network

Learning and Development Resources For You - Anna Chapman

Organisational Development will provide a taster some of the learning and development opportunities available. Take a look at blended learning, e-learning, self-directed learning resources and find out tips to help you manage your own learning and development.

Springboard Women's Development Programme – Anne Wilson (Presentation Slides )

Currently there are not the range of development opportunities available for staff at grades 3-5 than there are for grade 6 and above. The Springboard programme aims to fill that gap with a 4-day programme delivered over 12 weeks. Establishing the Internationally renowned Springboard programme at Warwick will also support our Gender Pay Gap report objective which is: To ‘develop and implement a talent management programme for professional and commercial services staff to create career pathways to enable long-term development, progression and succession planning’. Investing in the career development of our highly capable female staff at Warwick through the introduction of the ‘Springboard’ programme would send out a clear and positive message both within and beyond the institution that Warwick takes its commitment to gender equality seriously.Come and find out more about the programme - how to apply, when it’s taking place and how you may benefit. This session is relevant for female staff at grades 3-5 and their line managers.

Women in Leadership – are we playing the game? – Amanda Bishop (Presentation Slides )

This interactive session will look to explore what we mean by leadership and how we create the skills sets perceived.It will seek to challenge perspectives and ideas, and give some thoughts as to further direction and training.

Working with International Students – Poonam Dave (Presentation Slides )

Help you to gain a brief understanding of the international student experience, in a variety of contexts, and the associated challenges faced by international students throughout their student journey.

Student and staff partnership for the development of the educational experience - Rebecca Freeman, Beth Hill, Biomedical Science student and Olugbemi Moronfolu, Psychology MSc student (Presentation Slides )

The session, co-lead by students, will provide an overview of some of the ways that students and staff work at Warwick together to design the educational experience in academic departments, at an institutional level and as ambassadors for Student Opportunity. The session will also highlight ways that Education Group staff can get involved with working with students through volunteering on University Open Days and Graduation.

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