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NMH Rates

The University of Warwick NMH Rates and Support Statement

Period covered - 01/08/2018 to 31/07/2019

Warwick University Support Statement

The University of Warwick through Disability Services and the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team in Wellbeing Support Services organises and provides in-house, enabling support to students with disabilities through the DSAs Non Medical Helper's Allowances. The University is a registred DSA QAG NMH provider. Appropriate quality assurance measures including compliance with the DSA-QAG QAF requirements, feedback mechanisms and monitoring procedures are in place and reviewed regularly. In accordance with University policies and procedures the University does not allow external providers on its premises without prior agreement.

The University's NMH rates are available in this document. The greyed out cells indicate that the institution does not offer these services.

Note: the University supports students with the £200 DSA equipment contribution on a means tested basis. View more information about the contribution. The University also supports students with an ensuite on campus accommodation subsidy on disability grounds. Further details are available about this subsidy. Disability Services will also continue to offer and fund Band 1 and 2 support to students with disabilities on a need basis.

Name of NMH Provider

The University of Warwick, Disability Services and the Mental Health and Wellbeing team, Wellbeing Support Services

Address University House, Coventry, CV4 8UW
Contact Name(s)

Kathryn Fisher/Despina Weber (Heads of Disability Services)

Sarah Ashworth (Head of Mental Health and Wellbeing team)

Telephone Number(s) 02476150641
Email Address(s)
Rates last updated August 2018