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Personal Stories

Please find below personal stories from the Warwick community.

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Submitted by an anonymous Carers Staff Network member.

"I was completely unaware that what I was doing was a carer role and of the effect it was having on me. I didn't think about reaching out for support myself."


Submitted by an anonymous Carers Staff Network member.

"I just wanted to let you know some of the developments in my life since I attended the first carer’s meeting here at the Uni. I found the first meeting really helpful as I suddenly felt less on my own in my carer’s role. I also stopped feeling somewhat sorry for myself as other people shared their experiences.

At the second meeting there were 2 new people who both have experience as carers of people with Alzheimer’s (which my husband has). They both spoke with me after the meeting and gave me contact names and places to look at for day care and support groups. I got on the phone that afternoon and arranged for my husband to try a day at the Alzheimer’s Society day centre the following Tuesday. I also arranged for us to go to a carers’ support group on the Saturday. When we were there we met the Alzheimer navigator who had been recommended to me at our carers’ meeting! We chatted and she rang me on the Monday and then came to visit the following Monday. She had lots of advice and leaflets to give me so I have a lot of reading now! My husband has been twice to the day centre and, although he found it quite noisy, he did enjoy it and will be going again."

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels. Colour filter added to original.

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