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Supporting Working Carers to Thrive Workshop

Wednesday 13 February
10am - 1pm
OC1.02, Oculus


The University is facilitating a workshop that is open to all working carers at the university. The workshop will be provided by a local business based in Kenilworth: CM Talent "the return to work experts".

The workshop will cover:

  • Thriving as a working carer – what does this look, sound and feel like to you?
  • Life and Career Reflections – where are you now?
  • Your values – what’s important to you?
  • Your identity – who are you?
  • Peer support session – what do you find challenging as a working carer? What do you find enjoyable about being a working carer?
  • Building individual resilience
  • Lunch & Social Networking
  • Review & Personal commitments

This workshop is open to staff at all levels and lunch will be provided.

If you are interested in attending please register using the form here. Please note that we are limited to 20 places, as such please ensure you are able to commit to the three-hour session before registering to attend.