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LGBTUA+ Supporters video

The LGBTUA+ Supporter programme is an initiative that any member of staff or student can sign up to, the programme is to empower all members of the Warwick community to create an open and inclusive environment for all colleagues and students at Warwick.

Supporters are not expected to be experts on sexuality and gender. They are simply committed to ongoing learning and examining their own biases. Supporters are a visible presence in support of the LGBTUA+ community on campus.

The programme will allow LGBTUA+ supporters, regardless of sexuality and/or gender identity, to progress equality and promote a working and learning environment where individuals can be themselves and are supported and respected.

Hear about our LGBTUA+ Supporters programme from LGBTUA+ staff and Supporters in the video below. You can also find more information at



Want something a little shorter?

Here's just the scripted video:

Here's just the post-filming interviews: