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LGBTUA+ Staff Network


The network enables LGBTUA+ staff to come together to share information, meet socially, support others, and signalling a LGBTUA+ presence on campus, ensures we maintain a comfortable and fully inclusive environment in which we can each reach our full potential without fear of discrimination.

The function of this network is to:

  • provide a networking opportunity
  • provide support and a confidential listening service
  • provide peer support, mentoring, information sharing
  • provide a safe space for discussing appropriate issues of mutual interest
  • discuss concerns/issues with other network members in a safe environment
  • organise social events
  • contribute to staff development activities
  • arrange annual events to raise awareness and celebrate diversity
  • provides information, confidential support and advice on sexual orientation or gender identity issues in response to queries from all colleagues across the University.
If you are a member of staff and wish to know more about the network please email Claire Algar c dot algar at warwick dot ac dot uk or join the distribution list here.
Meeting dates for academic year 2018/19:

Term 3
Monday 17 June
1 - 2pm
R3.25, Ramphal Building

Buddy Scheme - Are you new to Warwick, new to the LGBTUA+ Network or wish to be a Buddy?

In June 2017 a Buddy Scheme was set up to facilitate members of staff who identify as LGBTUA+ to meet colleagues and provide a welcome to the staff network.

The aim of the scheme is to:

  • Ensure new members of staff do not have the daunting experience of signing up to a network and then having to arrive to meetings/events unaccompanied
  • Enable new members of staff or existing staff who may not be ‘out’ at work to have an opportunity to meet other members of the network outside of meetings
  • Provide members of staff who identify as LGBTUA+ with someone to talk to and/or accompany to network meetings/events?

If you would like to be paired up with a buddy or be a Buddy please complete this form.

LGBTUA+ Supporters

If you wish to sign up to be an LGBTUA+ Supporter, please register your details here.

As an LGBTUA+ supporter your commitment could include:

  • Challenging inappropriate language and homophobic behaviour
  • Attending LGBTUA+ awareness raising events
  • Getting to know LGBTUA+ colleagues and speak to them about their experiences
  • Ask yourself how you would like to be treated at work and reflect on your own values
  • Be honest about what you know and what you don’t know – and don't be scared to ask
  • Evaluate your assumptions about LGBTUA+ people

Anybody can sign upto be a supporter regardless of sexuality and/or gender identity.

If you wish to discuss concerns regarding Bullying and/or Harassment on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity, there are many options avilable to you. Please refer to the Dignity at Warwick policy for guidance.

There you can take to raise your concerns:

  • Speak to a Dignity Contact
  • Report online using the Online Reporting Form ( this can be anonymous reporting or to request a meeting with a dignity contact)
  • Speak to your HR Advisor
  • Speak to the individual concerned and let them know how their behaviour is making you feel