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The Projects Process

To make sure our projects run smoothly, we've put together a multi-stage process that all projects must go through. We've based it on best practice in our industry, and on Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and Office of Government Commerce (OGC) guidelines.

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1: Idea

You submit your idea for a project using our project registration form. Try to be specific about what you want from the project.

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2: Discussion

We'll take a look at your project idea, and talk to you about what's possible, what your needs are, and how we might go about doing it. Before we can go ahead, the University needs to approve this basic idea of the project.

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3: Options

We'll offer you some options for how we could go about it. You'll need to choose one at this stage. Before we can go ahead, the University needs to give final approval to the option you've picked.

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4: Design

Once you've picked your option, we'll work with you on a design. Before we can go ahead, we need to get a finalised design signed off by you, which we won't change afterwards.

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5: Price

Once the design is finalised, we can work out the costs and complete all the technical documentation needed. Before we can go ahead, you'll need to sign off that you're happy to spend the amount quoted.

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6: Work

We hand the site over to the contractors so they can build. Once the project is complete, we can hand it over to you.

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7: Handover

We help to make the handover of the finished project to you. We'll also look at how the project went to help us with future works.

Register your project

If you've read through all of the above and think you have a project to register, you can do so now online:

Register a project