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Summer parking arrangements

Coach Park

The Coach Park will be closed for general parking and coaches on the dates below to support coaches arriving for Open Days:

  • 18th June
  • 25th June

The Coach Park will also be closed from the 3rd July - 13th August. During this period, we will not be able to accommodate any coach parking on campus and coaches must find their own alternatives off site.

Changes to the Coach Park by Bluebell

To create more parking capacity, the Coach Park will be converted into a general car park. On the days where there are pre-booked coaches arriving to campus, the car park will be closed to accommodate these arrivals.

All coaches should drop off and collect at our dedicated Coach Park, located just off Bluebell roundabout. If you have a coach coming to campus, please contact to pre-book arrangements. Coaches may not be able to be accommodated if arrangements have not been authorised with car parking.

Why do we have a Coach Park?

The Coach Park has come about in recognition of the large and increasing numbers of coaches and mini-buses coming to site, and the fact that we'd like to grow that number, bringing in coach parties rather than multiple cars.

The location at Bluebell roundabout was based on 4 driving factors:

  1. It's accessed directly off Gibbet Hill Road, reducing traffic on University Road.
  2. It already works really well when Stoneleigh park and ride is in operation.
  3. It's within easy walking distance of The Arts Centre and Central Campus.
  4. It will support multiple visiting sports groups arriving at the new Sports Hub.

Can coaches drop off/pick up anywhere other than the coach park?

Alternative arrangements can be facilitated for some Arts Centre shows aimed at under-8s only, or for other specific, exceptional circumstances. In particular, we can facilitate a drop-off/pick-up on Avon Road, Westwood Campus since this is such a long way from the Coach Park. If you need to make alternative arrangements, please contact before directing coaches anywhere other than the Coach Park since they will need to be authorised.

Coaches should never wait anywhere other than the Coach Park – once drop-off is complete, they should proceed straight there.

The campus Bus Interchange is for scheduled bus services only, and coaches are not allowed to drop off or collect from there.

Walking routes

Map of walking routes from the coach park

Click for full-sized map of walking routes.