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Missing Bikes

During the summer vacation, bicycles on campus will be checked and any which appear to have been abandoned will be removed. After three months, unclaimed bicycles are recycled. You will need to make sure that we know not to remove your bike. Please read on for more information.

What should I do if my bike has gone missing?

The first thing you should do is contact Campus Security via our contact form.

They can check their records to make sure your cycle hasn’t been collected with other abandoned cycles. If they have your bike, they can arrange a suitable date and time for you to collect it. If they haven’t got it, they can advise you on how to report stolen items to the local police.

I’ve noticed this tag on my cycle, what does it mean?

Abandoned bike tag

We've attached this tag to your cycle because it looks abandoned (e.g. it has flat tyres, rust, missing parts, hasn’t been moved for some time etc...). These tags stay in place for 10 days to give you a chance to remove the tag and continue using the bike. If after 10 days it hasn’t moved and the tag remains in place, then the cycle gets cut and removed. Please ensure any tags are removed by 29 July.

Before we remove the bike, we take a picture and record details - make, model, colour, location and distinguishing features.

What happens to bikes that have been removed?

Recycle your Cycle logo

Every bike that has been removed because we believe it to be abandoned is stored in a cycle compound on campus. It stays in this compound for 3 months, giving you plenty of time to make contact with Campus Security (02476 522083) to check and claim your cycle back. Security are happy to give you a free security d-lock at the time of collection.

If no one claims a bike by the end of 3 months of storage, we pass it on to Recycle your Cycle, a charity who recycle abandoned bikes. Recycle Your Cycle work with prison students to repair and refurbish old bikes. 90% of all donated bicycles are refurbished.

The refurbished bikes are sold back through the charity retail sector, enabling them to raise funds for their particular causes. Currently we work with over 20 charities who have over 150 shops throughout England and Wales and the number of our charity partners is growing all the time.

I’ve noticed this tag on my cycle, what does it mean?

Bike tag

We attach this tag to any cycle on campus that appears to have a poor security lock. We work in conjunction with West Midlands Police to support cyclists, offering free safety items like d-locks to students throughout the year. When the winter nights come, items like bike lights, reflective spokes, reflective and waterproof ruck sack covers and seat covers are all available for free - we advertise events with free give-aways widely, so keep your eye out.

How can I register my bike with the Police?

Bike Registration Forms are available from all of the Porter Lodges (Maths and Statistics, Humanities and Social Sciences), or you can complete the form on-line at You can claim a free D-lock if you take either printed copy of the web form, or return your manually completed printed form to one of the Porters Lodges.

Registering your bike is a great idea - it's free and means your bike is on the national Police database. In the event that your cycle is stolen and recovered, this register can be checked and your cycle can be identified and returned to you.

Can you advise on what security lock to use?

We recommend a good quality d-lock. You should expect to pay at least £40, and always look out for the "Sold Secure" certification on whatever you buy.

What should I do if I can’t open my d-lock?

Contact Campus Security (02476 522083) with full details of your bike; make, model, colour, where it is located, what type of lock, your student ID number and anything to prove that this is your bike. Security will then contact the abandoned cycles collection team who will make contact with you and arrange a suitable date and time to cut the lock off for you.