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Privately Owned E-Bikes

Privately owned E-Bikes

Electrically assisted pedal cycles (e-bikes) have become increasingly popular in recent years and make cycling an even more attractive option for all types of journeys around town or further afield.

The University welcomes and encourages the use of e-bikes by both staff and students as a means of reducing car journeys to and from campus and for the wider benefits of active and sustainable travel modes.

The use of e-bikes at the University is subject to the same as other bicycles, in particular policies on abandoned bikes and inappropriate parking.

E-bikes may be parked at all cycle parking facilitiesLink opens in a new window at the University, subject to the standard terms of use as advertised locally.

E-bikes brought to campus must comply with government regulations on electrically assisted pedal cyclesLink opens in a new window.

Due to a potential fire hazard, staff and students are not permitted to charge or store e-bike batteries on any university premises or building. We are investigating external e-bike battery charging solutions as an alternative.