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University of Warwick Foundation


The Foundation was created by deed of trust on 24 October 1962 in order to promote and establish the University of Warwick.

The primary trust of the Foundation was the holding of monies and donations "for the advancement of education by the establishing
in or near the City of Coventry a University of Warwick". Following the successful formation of the University of Warwick, a deed of
variation in 1965 allowed for an extension of the primary trust "for the purposes of the advancement of education by the establishment, maintenance and development in or near the City of Coventry of the University of Warwick and its educational activities".


Pro-Chancellor (Chair of Trustees) Sir David Normington

Keith Bedell-Pearce

Vice-Chancellor Professor Stuart Croft
Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Pamela Thomas
Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Simon Swain
Independent Trustee Paul Varney
Independent Trustee Rhys Williams

Current Activities 

The Foundation is an independent trust which supports the activities of the University of Warwick and its students. The Foundation
is an exempt charity as it is closely aligned with the University.

The turnover for the Foundation in its financial statements was £735k for the year ended 31 July 2018 (£758k at 31 July 2017).

Its net assets at 31 July 2018 were £34,434k (£34,730k at 31 July 2017).

Its results are included in the consolidated financial statements of the University of Warwick which are available at:

Endowments & Fundraising

The Foundation holds donations and endowments given for the benefit of the University.

One of the major endowments is the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund ( which provides grants for students to encourage their personal development.

Property Interests

The Foundation provided the funding for the refurbishment of Students’ Union South Building.

Contact Details:

For any further information, please contact:

Debbie Jay
Deputy Finance Director (Group Accounting)
Finance Office