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A to Z of the Finance Office Website


Listed below is the A to Z of the Finance Office website.

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A to Z

Abbreviations and Acronyms Popular abbreviations and acronyms used throughout the University and Higher Education in general. This PDF list is maintained and distributed by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team and the University Executive Office.
Accounts See 'Financial Statements'
Accounts Payable (AP) Sub-section within the Finance Office, part of the Financial Control section
Accounts Payable Information Guidance documents relating to Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable Contact List A list showing the Accounts Payable Contact for each department alphabetically.
Accounts Receivable (AR) Sub-section within the Finance Office, part of the Financial Control section
AP See 'Accounts Payable'
Approved Suppliers The list of approved suppliers is maintained by Procurement.
AR See 'Accounts Receivable'

Authorised Signatories

See 'Delegatated Authority Notification Forms'





Bank Details 

Details of University accounts, sortcode and banker's address

CCSG Finance Team

CCSG Finance Team Section of the Finance Office providing accounting support to the Campus & Commercial Services Group businesses.

Central Finance Manager Allocated as the first point of contact between departments and central finance. The full list includes details of all departments they are the contact for and is also available under Departmental Services Team (DST).
Central Service Charges (CSCs) CSCs represent the indirect costs of the academic departments & commercial activities of the University - see GUIDE and link to CSC Scenario Spreadsheet on Group Accounting Team Resource page.

Champions Nominated staff within a Department/Centre/Activity with the responsibility of disseminating information regarding the Financial Regulations and Procedures
Christmas Subsidies  Information on contributions to the cost of staff Christmas meals/parties
Committees Details of the formal committees of the University.
Companies House Direct Search Service Details of an online account set up with Companies House Direct which allows us to purchase and download documents that have been filed at Companies House.
Concur The University of Warwick expenses management system. Finance Office staff can contact FinanceOfficeAdmin at warwick dot ac dot uk to set up your access.
Contact Officer See 'Central Finance Manager' above.
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Certified learning activities to develop and enhance professional skills and knowledge. For details of the courses available to qualified staff see the Finance Office training webpages.

Contracts Contracts for non-research activities. The Legal and Compliance Services team review, draft and negotiate the University’s non-research contracts.

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Delegated Authority Notification Forms Forms required in order to notify the Finance Office of delegated authority within a department or activity
Departmental Services Team (DST) Section within the Finance Office. The Central Finance Managers within the team provide advice and support to all departments.
Deputy Finance Director (DFD) Role within the Senior Staff section
Directions Directions to the Finance Office by car
DFD See 'Deputy Finance Director'
DST See 'Departmental Services Team'

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 Employers Liability

Certificate of Employers Liability  

Fax Number 024 76524573 (internal ext 24573)
FD See 'Finance Director'
Finance Director (FD) Head of the Finance Office and role within the Senior Staff section
Finance Forum Group providing Departmental Administrators with finance related updates and opportunities for networking and sharing of best practice.
Finance Office Contact Officer Alternative name - see Central Finance Managers.
Financial Control Section within the Finance Office
Financial Control and Compliance Group (FCCG) Information regarding the FCCG, and agendas and papers for FCCG members
Financial Controller Role within the Financial Control section
Financial Details Financial details of the University
Finance Manager Part of the Departmental Services Team. The first point of contact in the Finance Office for all Departments/Centres/Activities. For full details and contacts to all departments see the Central Finance Manager List.
Finance Office Group (FOG) Finance staff meeting providing updates on a variety of finance related subjects to Finance Office staff and staff in finance roles in other departments across the University.
Finance Office Training Internal courses organised by the Finance Office.
Financial Plan Guide, instructions, and resources for the annual Financial Planning process
Financial Procedures Procedures included as part of the University's Financial Regulations
Financial Regulations Regulations governing all the financial transactions made by the University
Financial Regulations Champions
Each Department has a nominated ‘Financial Regulations Champion’ who is responsible for disseminating information and providing advice and guidance on the Financial Regulations and Procedures.

For more information about the role of Fin Regs Champions, nominating a Champion and training requirements.

Financial Statements The University's Financial Statements for the last 5 years are available on this page.
Finance Office Newsletter Internal newsletter for Finance Office Staff
FODST One of the Finance Office's shared directories (see 'Shared Directories') used primarily by the Departmental Services Team (DST)
FOFinCon One of the Finance Office's shared directories (see 'Shared Directories') used primarily by the Financial Control section
Foh One of the Finance Office's shared directories (see 'Shared Directories') used primarily by the Group Accounting Team (GAT)

Forms Library

Full list of Finance Office forms available.

Forms, Reports & Guides Section of the previous Finance Office website, now replaced with Resources
Foshr One of the Finance Office's shared directories (see 'Shared Directories')
Foundation The Foundation is an independent trust which supports the activities of the University of Warwick and its students.
Fraud Internal Audit webpage outlining responsibilities in respect of fraud. Includes links to FP3 Fraud & Bribery and also the University Whistleblowing Code of Practice.
FRONTIER A VAT code selection tool designed by the Tax Team. The tool helps SAP users select the right SAP VAT code for both purchases and sales at both the order and purchase/receipt stages. You can access the tool on Moodle once you have registered, just follow the prompts direct from the homepage.

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GAT See 'Group Accounting Team'
Graduate Finance Apprenticeship Programme The University of Warwick ICAEW approved Graduate FinanceTraining Programme provides a three year training contract to qualify as an ACA chartered accountant.
Group Accounting Team (GAT) Section within the Finance Office
Guides/Guidance Part of the Resources section

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Health & Safety Officer The Finance Office has its own Health & Safety Officer, to whom all health and safety issues and queries relating to and within the Finance Office should be directed
Housekeeping and Business as Usual Tasks A list of SAP housekeeping and business as usual tasks to be completed by departments.




Links to details of the various the various policies held by the University.

Internal order

Cost collector Master Data Record in SAP (MDR6a form). For the creation of internal order codes.


Tax rules when engaging a company to provide the services of an individual (Personal service companies)


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Journals Journal upload template for SAP, for both permanent and reversing journals
Jurisdiction Codes Jurisdiction codes are used in SAP to control whether VAT can be reclaimed or not.

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Legal and Compliance Services The Legal and Compliance Services team provides legal advice to all areas of the University.
Link Officers Former name for Finance Managers - see Central Finance Managers.

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Management Reporting Project - SCD  
Manual Cost Allocation Manual Cost Allocation (assessment) upload Excel template for SAP.
Master Data Records (MDRs) Forms to create, amend, or delete an SAP Master Data Record (MDR)
MDRs See 'Master Data Records'
Modern Slavery Act (MSA) Documents setting out the University policy on the Modern Slavery Act and the 'Annual Statement'.
Mnemonics Departmental identifiers used by various University systems, including SAP

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Notes For Guidance The guidance notes that were part of the pre-2008/09 Financial Regulations, now superceded by the Financial Procedures

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Organisation Charts Organisation charts of the Finance Office
OPeRA OPeRA is The University of Warwick's e-Procurement System. (Online Purchasing electronic Requisition Automation).

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Payment Run Dates A list of the dates when GBP payments are made for the various University companies

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

The University is required to maintain compliance with the Payment Card Data Security Regulation. The PCI DSS webpage provides further information and guidance.

Period-End Dates Details of how to obtain period-end dates from SAP
Period End Instructions Guidance on period-end processes
Petty Cash Small amounts of cash held by Departments/Centres/Activities, the rules for which can be found in Section 15.27 of Financial Procecure 15 (Purchasing) and the various documentation can be found with the Financial Control Resources
Procurement and Insurance Services Section within the Finance Office (formerly Purchasing and Insurance Services).
Procurement & Insurance Website The Procurement & Insurance Services section also have their own webpages with more information.
Public and Products Liability Public Liability Insurance Confirmation

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Quarterly Accounts

The quarterly accounts and period-end timetables


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Research Finance Section of the Finance Office which supports the accounting for research & related awards held by the University
Reserves Journal upload template for SAP for reserves (reversing journals)
Resources Collection of resources produced and maintained by the Finance Office

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SAP The University's finance system
SAP & Finance Systems Section within the Finance Office
SAP & Finance Systems Website The SAP & Finance Systems section maintain their own website independent of the main Finance Office website
Secretaries & PAs Section within the Finance Office
Sections A list of all Finance Office sections
Senior Staff Section within the Finance Office
Shared Directories Details of how to gain access to the Finance Office shared directories, and Foshr in particular
Socially Responsible Investment Policy A policy developed to allow the University to pursue an ethical approach while minimising any negative impact on its investment returns.
Staff Directory List of all Finance Office staff
Statutory Accounts See Financial Statements 
Study Support Details of the study support available for Finance staff studying for their AAT, ACCA, CIMA, CIPS or SAP qualification

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TAS See 'Time Analysis Survey'
Tax Residency Certificate

A standard form letter obtained from HMRC that is requested by overseas customers.

Tax Strategy University Tax Strategy
Tax Team  Section within the Finance Office
Time Analysis Survey (TAS) Annual diary exercise conducted for the purposes of TRAC
Timetables Quarter-end and year-end timetables
TRAC Guidance Guidance on TRAC
Training See 'Finance Office Skills Sessions'
Training Documents Documents used at Finance Office Skills Sessions
Travel Times Typical travel times to the University by car

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University of Warwick Foundation

The Foundation is an independent trust which supports the activities of the University of Warwick and its students.

US Tax Form

A document that is required to ensure that withholding tax is not deducted from payments made to us. It is also known as W-8BEN-E.

VAT SAP Codes VAT SAP Codes are used to account for the appropriate VAT liability on transactions.

VAT Guide

A guide to VAT produced and maintained by the University's Tax Manager
VAT Information

Links to documents and general VAT information

VAT Jurisdiction Codes

VAT jurisdiction codes are used in SAP to control whether VAT can be reclaimed or not.

VAT number 

The University's VAT number

W-8BEN-E A document that is required to ensure that withholding tax is not deducted from payments made to us. It is also known as W-8BEN-E.
Website The Finance Office website can be found at

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