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New Lecture Capture Service

Why did we upgrade?

Our Lecture Capture Service has been a real hit with students, and has grown considerably since we first launched it. To keep up with the ever increasing demand, and to offer a better service to our staff and students, we decided to move to the new Echo360 system: the Echo360 Active Learning Platform.

Improvements on the existing system

The new platform improved on the old system in several ways:

How has the service grown?

Rapidly! In year 1 we made 789 recordings. As of May 2017 we made 8,965! The figures for views is even more impressive; rising from around 62,000 in the first year to over 1 million in year 4.

LC Recordings

Changing the way recordings are viewed

This new platform gave us the opportunity to integrate better with Moodle. That streamlined the process for both staff and students, putting recordings right where they're needed.

To fine out more see the Moodle FAQs