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Lecture Capture: rooms currently covered

The following rooms have Lecture Capture capabilities:

Centrally timetabled rooms:

Building - Rooms

Arts Centre - Woods-Scawen

Engineering - F107, F110, F111

Gibbet Hill - GLT1, GLT2, GLT3, MD0.01

Humanities - H0.51, H0.52, H2.03, H5.45

Library - Lib1, Lib2, Wolfson Reserch Exchange room 2

Maths - MS.01, MS.02, MS.03, MS.04, MS.05, MS.B3.03

Ramphal - R0.03/4, R0.12, R0.14, R0.21, R1.13, R1.15, R2.41, R3.41

Sciences - B2.01, B2.02, B2.04/5, L3, L4, L5, PLT, PS1.28

Social Sciences - A0.23, S0.08, S0.09, S0.11, S0.12, S0.13, S0.17, S0.18, S0.19, S0.20, S0.21

The Oculus - OC0.01, OC0.02, OC0.03, OC0.04, OC0.05

- OC1.01, OC1.02, OC1.03, C1.04, OC1.05, OC1.06,OC1.07, OC1.08, OC1.09

Westwood - WLT

Locally timetabled rooms:

Building - Rooms

Computer Science - CS1.04

Engineering - D2.02

Law - S0.03

Life Sciences - BSR1, BSR3, BSR5, ICLS

MAS - 2.06

WBS Scarman - 0.004, 0.006, 0.013, 0.301, 1.009, 1.301, 2.004, 3.006

WBS Teaching Centre - M1, M2

WBS the Shard - Shard East, Shard South, Shard Lab

WMG - IMC002

University Hospital - CSB Lecture Theatre