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What is lecture capture?

Lecture capture is a system which allows you to make automatic recordings of your lectures without having to set up a camera, microphone or other recording equipment. You must make a booking in advance and the system will automatically switch on and start recording at the appropriate time. After this, the recording is published to your students via Moodle.

What is Personal Capture?

Personal Capture allows you to record presentations, learning modules and tutorials in the comfort of your office or home on a PC or MAC workstation.

Personal Capture can record whatever is on your computer screen, including Powerpoint presentations and websites, your voice and the video from your webcam if desired.

The software allows you to quickly and easily playback your recordings, perform editing and publish to the EchoSystem.

To download Personal Capture go to the Personal Capture page.

What recording options are there?

In both automated Lecture Capture and Personal Capture you can choose which aspects of the presentation you wish to record. Here are some examples of the recording options available.

How do captured lectures get published?

Lecture Captures are published to the assigned module in Moodle. We can either make the recordings available automatically, so your students can access them within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can choose to have them set to unavailable (say until you've edited them), and then make available yourself. This video shows you how to make recordings available and unavailable.

You can edit your recordings at any time and they can remain available for up to 4 years.

How do I access recordings?

All lecture capture recordings are accessed via Moodle. The Echo360 platform gives us the opportunity to integrate better with Moodle. This streamlined the process for both staff and students, putting recordings right where they are needed.

To access recordings, login to Moodle with your IT Services username and password. Modules on which you are registered will appear on your personalised dashboard. The 'Lecture Capture' button within each module space will give you access to lecture capture recordings.

Echo 360 Moodle Block

I am a member of WBS, how do I access recordings?

If you are trying to access a lecture recording from a WBS module, please return to the module homepage and access the recording via the ‘lecture recordings’ tab in the centre of the page:

WBS Lecture Capture Tab

Which rooms have Lecture Capture capabilities?

It's available in every centrally timetabled lecture theatre, many of the larger seminar rooms and a number of locally timetabled rooms.

For more information see our list of supported rooms.

If you want to record in a room that doesn't have recording equipment installed please contact us at to discuss your requirements.

If I have a lecture recorded will there be technicians in the lecture theatre filming and recording the audio?

No, lecture capture is a none intrusive process, your presentation is recorded from the PC/visualiser outputs, audio is recorded from the radio mic and if you want to be filmed we use a small wall mounted camera located at the back of the room. If you have any issues with your lecture please call the AV Helpdesk on 0204 765 22463.

Do I have to be filmed when recording my lecture?

No, you don't, the default setting is to not record the presenter, you must make a request if you wish to be filmed.

Is it easy to use the recording equipment in the lecture theatre?

Yes, if you have requested your lecture to be recorded all you need to do is ensure that you switch on and wear the radio mic everything else is done for you remotely, the system is scheduled to record your lecture from 1 minute past the hour until 1 minute to the hour (unless timing is specified).

Will the Document Camera be recorded?

Yes, the Document Camera output is recorded when it is selected on the control panel if you are using a room S0.21 which has two projectors you must press the 'Echo Visualiser' button on the control panel to show the visualiser output on both screens for it to be recorded.