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Staff IT Equipment - Returning to and working from Campus

IT equipment - if you have applied to work on campus, you can access some additional kit to help you manage hybrid working.

It is expected that meetings will still take place on MS Teams for the time being which means that you may need to ensure you have the right equipment in the office.

You will be able to request the following:

    • Webcam - If you will be using a desktop computer on campus you will need a webcam for Teams meetings
    • Headset - you will need to use a headset with microphone for all Teams calls to ensure privacy and to reduce noise pollution in an office

    How can I get hold of the kit?

    Place your order via Ask us a Question or email You do not need to provide a cost code, however, we are limiting provision to one item per person only. You can collect these items from the IT Helpdesk at the Library on your return to campus. Opening hours are 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays and customary holidays), closed for lunch 1 pm to 2 pm.

    Advice for working in a shared office – All shared offices will have been allocated a maximum capacity, but if the office is large enough and suitably ventilated, you may still find you are sharing the space. As we are expecting meetings to remain on MS Teams for the current time, you will need to be be considerate to others and to ensure that noise levels are kept to a minimum. This means always using a headset for Teams meetings. You will also need to consider whether your meeting is likely to include a discussion of confidential information, in which case you might need to book a more private space for the meeting.

    Perhaps consider if a committee room could be suitable for a private booking.

    Need a little help and guidance?

    Video Conferencing Hints and Tips

    Lecture Theatre Bookings (Spring Term 2021)

    The University is making specific rooms available to book for teaching staff whilst access to campus buildings is restricted during the Spring term of the 2020/21 academic year. These should be booked for the following uses only:

    • Making pre-recorded lectures using Echo360 (Universal Capture of fixed camera lecture capture)
    • Broadcasting synchronous (live), non-interactive sessions (using Teams Live Event or Echo 360)
    • Running a synchronous interactive session, e.g. a Teams meeting
    • Conducting work that cannot be completed in other campus locations (e.g. staff offices) due to full or partial building closures. You are requested to use seating areas outside the teaching rooms wherever possible to prevent the need to occupy a teaching room

    For more information in relation to this facility...

    Sat 30 Jan 2021, 13:05 | Tags: Service Updates Lecture Theatres

    ICUR 2020 Two Days. Eleven Countries. Four Continents

    The AV Services team supported the International Conference for Undergraduate Research (ICUR) from the 29th-30th September 2020.

    This is one of the biggest technical challenges we face each year, with this year being even more unique, where we had to support the conference despite the COVID-19 global pandemic and with social distancing measures in place.

    The conference was a success with the AV Services team providing technical support, planning and logistics during the conference.

    Find out more about the ICUR conference at , &

    Wed 21 Oct 2020, 10:05 | Tags: Events Video Conferencing

    The AV Services response to working from home (WFH) and Remote Lecturing

    Off Campus Lecture Delivery

    Please note that Universal Capture is the recommended method for delivering lectures at present due to the current remote working policy.

    Remote Working Tools

    Please note that for remote working, meetings and collaboration we recommend using Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, StarLeaf & BlackBoard Collaborate

    For more information in relation to Zoom Video Conferencing

    Working or learning from within China?

    IT Services has created some guidance in relation to collaboration and virtual connections

    We have updated our FAQs

    Additionally we have created some new Best Practices, Hints and Tips guidance to help provide you with a smoother end user experience when using our Collaboration Tools during this period.

    The Echo360 lecture capture scheduling service has moved from Audio Visual to Academic Technology

    Service Updates (June 2021)

    The Echo360 lecture capture scheduling service has moved from Audio Visual to Academic Technology. This move will allow Audio Visual Services to better focus their resources on provision and support of in-room hardware.

    Lecture capture scheduling is, predominantly, a data entry process whereby our team receive lecture capture scheduling requests via the online Help Desk, and then process them to set up the actual recordings in Echo360. The service is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and we ask that all bookings are requested at least 2 working days in advance.

    The service relies on the data provided by departments to ensure that captures are set up correctly. Therefore, we have created a ‘How to schedule a lecture recording’ guide which provides details for what the service does and does not do, prerequisites for making a booking, and which describes how to complete the booking form for different event types.

    For those departments who use the spreadsheet booking method, we have provided a new version of the spreadsheet, pre-populated with room information and with an information sheet to guide you through the required fields (due to Echo360 updating their import process). We have also updated our ‘Getting Started with Lecture Capture’ and ‘Lecture capture-enabled spaces’ guides which provide information about the lecture capture process outside of scheduling.

    Further work will take place over the summer to modify the online booking form to improve the process and better guide people through the steps to ensure that data is accurate and complete so that recordings can be scheduled efficiently.

    Important dates

    We are currently only able to set up schedules for 20/21. Please do not submit requests for 21/22 until the room bookings service is made available by the Central Timetabling team. We estimate that this will be from the start of August but are waiting on final confirmation from Central Timetabling.

    The future of the service

    We welcome feedback on the scheduling guidance, and on the way in which lecture capture scheduling works currently. We would especially like to hear from you if you are the local contact in your department who either sets up the requests, or who supports other people in making requests, so that we can keep you up to date with changes and work with you on developing the service so that it better meets departmental requirements.

    Some future changes we are either working on, or looking at the feasibility of:

    • Replacing the current spreadsheet with a ‘validated’ spreadsheet to reduce errors further.
    • Video guidance for the scheduling process and completing the spreadsheet.
    • Developing the booking form to have more pre-populated data to reduce errors.
    • And in the longer term, self-service scheduling, whether this is via room bookings, our in-house scheduling interface, or directly in Echo360 by trained administrators.

    Please get in touch with either myself or Cameron with any suggestions, and requests for training or support in using the lecture capture scheduling service. Please submit all scheduling requests via the online form however so they can be picked up in our absence.

    Paul Trimmer, Cameron Deans

    (Lecture Capture Scheduling Team, Academic Technology)

    Wed 28 Jul 2021, 12:14 | Tags: Service Updates Echo 360

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