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Centrally Managed Meeting Rooms (CMMRs) - AV Video Conferencing upgrades planned over the summer vacation

Mon 04 Jul 2022, 18:07 | Tags: Service Updates Video Conferencing

Kramer connectivity adapters installed within Gibbet Hill and Oculus CTTRs

Kramer connectivity adaptersLink opens in a new window have been installed in Gibbet Hill CampusLink opens in a new window, Centrally Time Tabled RoomsLink opens in a new window and The OculusLink opens in a new window building to facilitate and give extra flexibility to the presenters to use the appropriate adapter for connection to the HDMI infrastructureLink opens in a new window and their devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and netbooks.

The Kramer AD-Ring-5 includes:

  • HDMI to Mini DisplayPort
  • HDMI to USB Type-C
  • HDMI to DisplayPort
  • HDMI to Mini HDMI Type-C

Link opens in a new window

Thu 17 Feb 2022, 16:00 | Tags: Service Updates Projects Lecture Theatres

StarLeaf and Blackboard Collaborate Platforms - Advanced notice of platform retirements (1st July 2022)

AV Services would like to announce that the Audio and Video Conferencing - StarLeaf and Blackboard Collaborate - Webinar Service platforms will both be retired from our support model as of the 1st July 2022.

After this date, any new requests to setup an Audio and Video Conference or Webinar booking on either of these platforms, will be rejected.

All existing sessions will remain operational after this date and the self service support content will still be published, however any requests to modify existing bookings for existing customers will be handled on a case by case basis and may be subject to the request being declined.

We recommend all new and existing customers utilise the Microsoft Teams platform.

Why are we taking this decision?

In light of the ever declining use of both platforms and a transformation in both usage levels and the breadth and depth of functionality now found within Microsoft Teams, now is the right time to refocus our service priorities to maximise the level of service and support we can offer to our customers.

For any questions in relation to this policy, please feel free to log a call (Please select Audio Visual as needed)

Thu 18 Nov 2021, 23:38 | Tags: Service Updates Video Conferencing Webinar

Hybrid Teaching Enhancements to 100 Centrally Timetabled Spaces

The Audio Visual Team have worked hard since June 2020 to enhance the capabilities within on-site, centrally timetabled teaching spaces to address challenges presented by Covid-19 such as capacity issues and remote delivery.

The University has outlined its preferred approach for teaching in 21/22 on the Teaching, Learning and Assessment: Our Preferred Approach 2021/22 page. Hybrid Teaching is neither the preferred nor recommended approach – there are many challenges to teaching to both a physical & remote audience simultaneously (Hybrid Teaching), and you should carefully consider whether this would work for you. However, we acknowledge that there may be situations where teaching on-site with MS Teams (Hybrid Teaching) is the only option to ensure continued access to teaching and learning for your students.

In this context Hybrid Teaching refers to the technological capability, within on-campus teaching spaces, to connect to virtual spaces like Microsoft Teams.

Robert Rose (Systems Specialist & Project Manager) has been leading project work across the University to expand the functionality of Audio-Visual technologies within teaching spaces, in addition to existing project work on the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building & the Faculty of Arts development.

Enhanced functionality includes:

  1. The ability within certain spaces for in-room microphone systems to interact with virtual spaces.
  2. The ability within certain spaces for customisable ‘webcam’/video options to better interact with virtual spaces.
  3. Select enhanced spaces designed to offer a better experience for Hybrid Teaching with ceiling microphones and multiple video cameras.

Please note there are still varying levels of technology on-campus, depending on ownership and the type of room. To find out more about suitable spaces for teaching to both a physical & remote audience simultaneously see the AV Services hybrid guidance and Centrally Timetabled Room Information. Unfortunately, there are still spaces with limited Audio-Visual technology, which are unsuitable for hybrid delivery.

Academic Technology, has also published guidance on hybrid teaching delivery along with design advice and things to consider.

Please see the AV Services and Projects webpage for lists of contacts for queries in relation to new hybrid installations, hybrid infrastructure, enhancements to locally owned spaces, and for equipping spaces for hybrid meetings.

For advice or support, please contact us:

Tue 14 Sep 2021, 16:54 | Tags: Service Updates Projects Lecture Theatres

Lecture Theatre Bookings (Spring Term 2021)

The University is making specific rooms available to book for teaching staff whilst access to campus buildings is restricted during the Spring term of the 2020/21 academic year. These should be booked for the following uses only:

  • Making pre-recorded lectures using Echo360 (Universal Capture of fixed camera lecture capture)
  • Broadcasting synchronous (live), non-interactive sessions (using Teams Live Event or Echo 360)
  • Running a synchronous interactive session, e.g. a Teams meeting
  • Conducting work that cannot be completed in other campus locations (e.g. staff offices) due to full or partial building closures. You are requested to use seating areas outside the teaching rooms wherever possible to prevent the need to occupy a teaching room

For more information in relation to this facility...

Sat 30 Jan 2021, 13:05 | Tags: Service Updates Lecture Theatres

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