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Alternative means of sharing large files

There are several alternatives that can be used for sharing large files:

  • Compressing or zipping large files, especially documents, spreadsheets and presentations, can bring their size down to below the 25MB limit.
  • Files.Warwick is a web based application that can be used to exchange large files between members of the university both on and off campus, and allows easy access to uploaded files from any location.

    Files.Warwick supports:
    • Enabling users (inside and outside the University) to upload files into a Files.Warwick account
    • Sending a file to another user by sending them an email containing a link to the file
    • Accessing your own files from any location using a web browser.

The initial quota is 2GB per account, though users with particular requirements can request an increased quota. Files of any size up to 4.5GB can be uploaded to the system via the web. Find out more here.

  • SiteBuilder is a web publishing tool, which can be used by members of the University to put information on the web quickly and easily.
  • SiteBuilder works through a web browser, so there is no need for any specialist software, and it has an easy edit function, so you don't need any knowledge of web programming.

  • SiteBuilder can be used to load documents, e.g. Word, Excel or PowerPoint files onto a website, access to which can be restricted to individuals or groups.


Virus checks should be performed on any files you intend to exchange with others.