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Office 365 FAQs

Office365 @ Warwick
Resource Mailbox
Email Delivery
Contacts/Distribution Lists
Client - Outlook
Client - Web
Client - Mobile
Client - Other


What is Office 365?
What email clients are supported?
Browser support for Office 365
Where is my email stored?
Who owns the data?
What provision is there for disaster recovery and backup?
I'm being asked for my telephone number and email address
How large is my Outlook mailbox?

Office365 @ Warwick

How to connect to your Office365 account
What is my Office365 username? It is
What is my email address?
Can I change the password for my Office 365 account?
My name/title is incorrect in the Address book (GAL)
Will I be able to keep my student email address when I leave Warwick?
Why can’t I just choose my email address?
But I can see that the email address I want isn’t being used.
Why does my email address have a number in it?
I still really don’t like my email address. Can I have a different one?
Does Office 365 support POP3 or IMAP?
I cannot log in to my Office 365 email account (too many incorrect attempts)
Are Send As Permissions Supported?


How do I look up a person to email?
How do I recover deleted messages?
How do I setup a signature?
Should I use an Out-of-Office Rule?
Problems setting your Out of Office?
Recipient and sender limits
What happens if my Outlook mailbox fills?
What is the message size limit?
Why are all Sent emails saved?
I am missing emails/folders
How do I use shared folders in Outlook?
Can I send HTML email?
Email bounce backs
Can email be forwarded to another account?
Clutter feature in Office 365
Can I move my student email to my Staff?

Resource Mailbox

Opening a resource account
Can resource accounts be created?
How to set up an Outlook profile for a resource account
How do I change a resource account password?
Resource account synchronisation
Setting up delegate access on a resource account in Outlook (not available in webmail)
Resouce mailbox

Email Delivery

Phishing and SPAM
What is email SPAM and how can it be reduced?
Sending SPAM
Will Warwick still manage its own SPAM filtering?


Why does it take time going into calendar view?
How do I share my calendar?
Live@edu - Unable to view contents of a shared calendar
Calendar options/views - see examples of how you can view a calendar (Webmail)
Viewing multiple Calendars - see examples of how you can view multiple calendars (Webmail)

Contacts/Distribution Lists

Creating Contact Groups/Distribution Lists
Mass mailing and mailing lists
How do I share my contacts?
Is there a limit on the size of a Contact group (personal distribution list)?
I have created a Contact group how do I use it, in a new email?


Setting Tasks - create your own 'to do' list (Webmail)
How do I share tasks?

Client - Outlook

How do I connect my Outlook Client to Office 365?
How do I create/import a pst file?
Where is my archive?
How do I search my archive?
How to remove an incorrect auto-complete email address in Outlook
Downloading the Offline Address Book
Search for messages in your inbox
Setting an Automatic/Out of Office reply for when you are not available
Working with attachments - how to add, save and remove attachments in your emails
Setting reminders for appointments or emails

Client - Web

How do I access webmail in Office365?
Turning off Conversation View
Search for messages in your inbox
Setting out of office reply
Working with attachments
Setting reminders

Client - Mobile

Mobile email
Apple iPhone
Apple iPad
Android Phone
Is the service available via mobile phones?

Client - Other

My email has a winmail.dat attachment?
Calendar sharing for Mac Outlook 2011


Alternative means of sharing large files
How can I manage my mailbox to keep within the quota?
How can I reduce the size of files I email?
Good Housekeeping
How to avoid Problems
Email etiquette

I have another question - who do I contact?

If you have any other questions, please contact the IT Services Helpdesk on 024 765 73737 or email

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